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Published on August 4, 2015 by Brock | May contain affiliate links (what's this?)

Are you looking for the best no show socks money can buy? Look no further. This post has the answers you need.

Best no show socks review

UPDATE (March 2017): This post was originally written in August 2015. Reading it now, my recommendations below haven't changed. But I have found a few other loafer socks options that are worth checking out.

You can use the table below to see all of the best no show socks brands I know of, including the three I recommended back in 2015.

Brand Sizes Price Notes
Falke S, M, L -20 My favorite no show socks
Stomper Joe S, M, L, XL -14 Price varies with size and color
Stance S, L -18 Price varies with size and color
Sheec 7-16 -22 Price varies with size and color
Ninja Sox S, M, L Heard great things about these socks on Reddit MFA
Mack Weldon One size .50 Price includes a 2-pack of socks
Smartwool M, L, XL, Available through Amazon Prime
Uniqlo One size .90 One of the cheapest options

We all want to go sockless when it's hot out. It's a laid back, cool look, and it feels refreshing. That is, until your feet start sweating, blisters start forming and your feet start to smell.

Sure, there are ways to combat this unpleasantness. You can avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row, wash your feet each night, use shoe trees and odor-absorbing foot powder, etc.

But this is just treating the symptoms. The underlying problem is having your bare foot inside a canvas or leather shoe for hours at a time.

Even if your feet are immaculate and your shoes are pristine, going sockless leads to sweat and odor.

Plus, let's be honest: no matter how many times you see some model going sockless in double monks for a GQ photoshoot, wearing shoes without socks is often very uncomfortable.

It can even be painful and bad for your skin.

So what's the stylish man to do when the weather turns hot? Wear socks, of course! But not just any old socks. You don't want to look like this:

White socks with sneakers

NEVER a good look!

Instead, you'll want to wear no show socks. Also called loafer socks, they provide just enough coverage for your feet without being seen above your shoe line.

Falk invisible step socks

MUCH better!

Unfortunately, the majority of no show socks leave something to be desired. They usually end up slipping off of your feet after just a few minutes of walking around.

Or they come up too high, which kind of defeats the purpose.

There are, however, some solid sockless solutions out there, and I've taken it upon myself to hunt them down and test them out.

I did hundreds of minutes of research to identify the best no show socks on the market. Then I bought a pair of each and wore them around for a few weeks.

It came down to three top brands – Falke, Stomper Joe and Stance.

Best no show socks compared

Keep in mind, I looked at TONS of socks – way more than these three brands. I even looked at some non-sock options.

On Effortless Gent's recommendation, I bought some Pedag washable insoles, but they started slipping and bunching in my shoe after a few hours of wear, so they didn't make the cut.

There were several other brands that actually looked promising, but they only sold “one size fits all” socks. I wear a size 7 (US) shoe, and one-size socks are almost always too big.

So for this competition, any sock companies that only make one size were automatically disqualified. How am I supposed to evaluate socks that don't even fit?

With that in mind, this was my criteria for brands that made the cut:

  1. No show (no ankle socks allowed)
  2. Available in smaller sizes (no one size fits all)
  3. Sold online (no leaving my apartment)

Each brand was evaluated on:

  • Effectiveness (comfort, invisibility, slippage, etc.)
  • Durability (integrity after multiple wearings and washes)
  • Value (quality for price)

Using the scientific method and complex statistical analysis, I was able to form some very clear conclusions and recommendations for you.

Excited yet? Let's do this!

Falke Step Invisible Socks

Price = -16 per pair

Falke no show socks

2017 Update: These are still my favorite no show socks. They're super thin, but they never slip off my foot. Plus, they've held up wonderfully through many washer cycles.

These bad boys aren't cheap. You can find them from -16 each at places like Mr. Porter and Amazon, which is expensive for a pair of socks.

But they're the best no show socks I could find, period. They're durable, which means they keep their shape hairstyles after multiple wears and washes.

They're comfortable, and they stay on your feet throughout the day with the help of built in rubber heel grips.

Plus, even though most no show socks are slightly visible beyond your shoe line, these Falke socks are virtually invisible.

You get buy them right here.

Stomper Joe (formerly called Jay's Barely There)

Price = for 3 pairs

Stomper Joe no show socks

2017 Update: These are still my recommendation for cheap no show socks, especially if you need smaller sizes. These do stretch out more than the Falke socks, but they're way cheaper, so you get what you pay for.

I found these on Amazon selling at for three pairs, which is really cheap. Needless to say, I expected them to suck.

But they didn't! They're almost invisible (not quite as invisible as Falke). They stay on pretty well, as they also have the heel grips built in.

I should mention that they did feel a bit loose with certain shoes, but they never actually slipped off of my feet.

My Stomper Joe socks have held up after multiple washes, but they haven't kept their shape as well as the more expensive options.

But, for the price, you can't beat them. If you're working with a limited sock budget, Stomper Joe is for you.

Buy them right here.

Stance No Show Socks

Price = -10 per pair

Stance no show socks

2017 Update: These have held up nicely because they're pretty thick/durable. Because they're not as low cut as other loafer socks, I only wear them with certain shoes. They're great if you want to wear higher cut sneakers (think New Balance tennis shoes) but still go “sockless”.

I've heard great things about Stance, so my expectations were high. Unfortunately, these socks let me down.

Why? Because they're not truly no show socks. They're visible, especially in boat shoes and loafers.

Don't get me wrong – these are way better than regular ankle socks, but I'd prefer a true no show sock.

That said, they are durable and comfortable. They're thicker than the other loafer socks I tried, which is great if your shoes are kind of loose, and they keep their shape after multiple washes.

But, unless you prefer a thicker sock, I'd go with Stomper Joe or Falke over Stance.

Final Verdict

If you're still with me, congrats: you just read 900 words about socks. What a journey it's been!

If you skipped to the end, you missed a great read and lots of laughs, but hey…no hard feelings.

Here's the bottom line:

If you want the best no show socks, go with Falke. If you want a good, affordable alternative, go with Stomper Joe (use MODMAN 20 for 20% off).

Do you wear no show socks? Let me know in comments below!

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