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Black dress boots 2017

Big Black Boots In business since 1985
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Welcome to our on-line catalog and store. This is our only catalog and only store. BIG BLACK BOOTS has been here on the web selling boots since long before the internet became trendy.

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Latest Boot News Last update: 26 May, 2017

  • We have a multi-language boot and leather dictionary to help those whose primary language is not English. The goal is to provide translations for boot terminology which might not be included in language dictionaries. We have translations into: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Japanese.
    (français, Deutsch, Español, Chinese / 中文, Italien, Japanese / 日本語)

    'Traduttore, traditore'

  • Wesco Firestormer wildland fire boots are now stocked in woman's sizes in addition to the stock men's sizes. Full details on our Firestormer page here.
  • Fire & Drought Maps:

  • Most parts of North America no longer have a specific fire season. Wildland fires are now a year round threat in the US, Canada and Mexico with peak season in the late fall and early winter.

    Click here for the current North American wildland fire map showing Canada, USA and Mexico.

    Click here for the latest Cal Fire California fires map.

    Click here for the latest North American drought map.

  • 9 January 2017: Roller buckles are available again for custom Wesco Boss boots. We'll post photos once we have samples. They'll be available in brushed nickel, antiqued brass, antiqued copper and gunmetal grey. Wesco's current buckles will remain the default on all Boss boots unless other options are chosen. All buckle types will be available as a no-cost option on custom boots.
  • 15 November 2016: Wesco adjusted prices for the first time in two years. Prices for stock and custom boots are slightly higher, but cost for many options such as leather and leather lining have been reduced. The net effect for most custom orders will be small.

    Wesco has also added some new leather options which will be available soon. Several styles of stock lace-up boots have been dropped from the stock list but will still be available as custom orders.

  • Wesco's production time is currently about 13 weeks. Rush orders, for which Wesco charges an additional 5, take up to 5-6 weeks.
  • Dehner's production time for custom boots is currently about 10-12 weeks.
    Orders for stock boots not on the shelf or with custom features are taking up to 8-10 weeks.
  • October 2014: The Cosmas Hercules V2 wildland fire boots have been very popular over the last few fire seasons with firefighters who work in mountainous and hilly terrain. We've reduced our prices on these popular boots to 0. These boots live a double life. They're also excellent hiking boots and all-around boots.

    These are new, high tech, NFPA Certified wildland fire boots based on contemporary hiking / backpacking / mountaineering boots. They've proven popular with wildland fire fighters on the west coast of the US and Canada. But we've also shipped these all over the world including Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

    Wildland fire fighters often work in hilly and mountainous terrain and appreciate the features these new boots provide. The Cosmas Hercules boots have received great reviews by wildland fire fighters who've been wearing them since the 2008 fire season.

    The same great bootmaking skills which produced these fine boots make them perfect for the hiking, backpacking and mountaineering tasks they were originally designed to do before they were equipped for fire fighting. You don't need to be a wildland fire fighter to appreciate these great boots.

    Our Cosmas Hercules boot page shows availability and is updated frequently.

  • Both types of boots are certified to the current NFPA Wildland Fire specifications. Click on their photos to the right to learn more about each boot.

  • Grinders US distributor has shut its doors and we can no longer get Grinders. So we're slowly running out of sizes. We're looking for another 14-hole and 20-hole ranger boot to takes its place. If you have suggestions, please email us. On the bright side, we bought their remaining stock of 14-hole and 20-hole black Grinders boots. We have lots of stock in sizes 8 through 12 and also have some stock in the previous shiny leather as well as the current oil-tanned / greasy leather. We will shortly update our Grinders pages to show what sizes are still available in the oil-tanned and shiny leather versions of these boots.
  • Our Wesco "Special" 16" Boss engineer boots are available at Off Ramp Leathers in Palm Springs, California. Off Ramp Leathers is conveniently located at 650 E. Sunny Dunes a few blocks south of E. Arenas and less than a block east of S. Palm Canyon Drive near the Tool Shed. There's ample parking for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

    Off Ramp Leathers has a world wide reputation for producing the highest quality custom leathers. Our Wesco boots are a perfect complement to their excellent leathers. Mid sizes are kept in stock at their store... no waiting.

  • Wesco 'VoltFoe' Electrical Hazard Lineman Boot
  • Wesco has a line of Electrical Hazard lineman boots. These "EH" lineman boots provide protection against electrical hazard and feature the spacious new composite safety toes. These are excellent boots and are available with the traditional logger heel or a lower heel. These boots are kept in stock in both the Brown and Black Oil tanned leather. They can also be custom made to order. Click here to see these new boots.
  • Major updates have been made to our Wesco Boss and Wesco Motor Patrol Boot pages. We've added new sole options, new heel options, new leather choices and new leather lining option. There are now more sizes when these boots are ordered with the low heel options. There are four last options so you can adjust the look of the toes and the height of the heels.
  • We can now have the stock/ready-to-wear Dehner Motor Patrol boots made entirely from Dehner's excellent Black "Voyager" cowhide leather. This is a special order which takes up yo 8-10 weeks and costs more than the standard stock boots. They are made to the same dimensions and pattern as the standard stock boots.
  • We're also happy to report that we can now supply the Dehner ready to wear Motor Patrol boots with Vibram lug soles. The Vibram sole option costs.

    Dehner Motor Patrol Boots with the optional Vibram sole are not kept in stock. So this is a special order boot which takes up to 8-10 weeks to make up. Cost is the same as a standard, stock Motor Patrol boot plus for the Vibram soles.

  • We also updated our Dehner stock Motor Patrol boot page with expanded information on sizing. The size chart now shows, for each combination of foot size and width, the height of that boot, the max calf size and the max heel measurement which will fit into that size boot. The information is shown in inches and also in centimeters.
  • Any of the Wesco boots can be made with the leather reversed... rough side out. There is no cost for this option.
  • Wesco has added many new options for their custom boots. If you know of an option you'd like which isn't shown on our order form, please put a note in the remarks on your order. Contrary to rumor, the anti-gravity option will not be available until CERN finds then tames the Higgs boson.
  • Wesco has introduced a new leather option for people who want to polish their boots. Click here for details. Wesco is once again offering the light tan "Burlap Explorer" and now have a shiny Burgundy leather as well. Click here for more information about leather choices.
  • UK customers... you're still stuck with ParcelFarce but we can always ship your boots professionally using FedEx. Do let Messrs. Cameron & Clegg know what you think of privatisation (good luck with that!). Imagine if the entire Royal Mail was run by ParcelFarce! - OMG! It now is. So sorry Brits... don't let the government get near the internet or they'll try to sell that off too.
  • We've updated several articles in our Boot FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Lot's of useful information about the care and feeding of boots. There's even one titillating article which shows how to discipline your boots. Now that's a novel concept.
  • Good news for Australians. Imported items costing less than AU,000 are admitted duty and tax free. No GST! Full details at the Australian Customs Service web site.

    Wesco Embossed Logo

  • Wesco has an exclusive distributor in Japan who handles all orders shipped to Japan. So we can no longer ship Wesco boots to Japan. However we still sell all other products to our valued customers in Japan. Japan is the only place subject to this restriction... we continue to sell Wesco boots to all other countries.

    残念ながら、ウェスコは日本において総代理店契約を結んだため、 当店から日本へのウェスコブーツの出荷ができなくなりました。 しかしながら、他の商品については日本の大切なお客様への販売が可能となっています。


  • Ever wonder why the soles don't fall off your boots once the sole stitching starts to wear through? You can find the answer to this burning question on our Boot FAQ page. The page is filled with erudite and thought provoking replies to the many questions we get about our boots and makes for a compelling read. Don't miss the link to the John Galsworthy essay on Quality at the end of the FAQ

    Click here to see why soles don't fall off.

  • Questions about boots or how to care for them? Check our boot FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for answers. Click here: BOOT FAQ

  • If you'd like a bit more room in the toe area of your Wesco boots there are a couple of options:
    1. Consider ordering the steel or composite safety toes. Steel toes often get a bad rap for cramping your toes because they take up space in the toe of the boots. Not with Wesco boots! Wesco uses special roomier steel toes imported from Europe. In the mid range sizes and widths, these actually have roomier toes than boots without steel toes. The composite toes are slightly roomier than the steel toes and look more bulky... though they are lighter than the steel toes.
    2. The older Wesco boots used to be made with a last which had a roomier toe. Wesco switched to a "dressier" last with a sleeker toe profile when they had problems getting new supplies of that traditional last. Wesco has now been able to have more of their traditional lasts made for them in most of their size range. We use this traditional last for all of our custom boots orders unless you prefer the new, sleeker last. We also use this traditional "bump toe" last on the 16" inch Wesco Boss boots with two top straps which we keep in stock. Read more about the traditional last in our boot FAQ here
  • Dehner Custom Made Motor Patrol Boots

  • See our page devoted to the Dehner Custom Made to measure motor patrol boots.
    Click here to see them.

    These boots are custom made to your measurements and specifications and are available in a selection of leather types and colors and with a variety of options which are not available on the stock motor patrol boots.

  • Dehner's stock or "ready to wear" Motor Patrol boots are now available with a plain dress instep. This used to be available only on custom made to measure boots. Click here for more information and pictures.
  • Dehner has a good supply of the ready to wear Motor Patrol boots in stock. If you'd like a custom made to measure pair of Dehner Motor Patrol boots, click here. For Equestrian, RCMP "Mountie" boots or A&M Senior boots, please drop us an email at and we can discuss details with you.

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Our prices are stated in U.S. $   -   we accept many other currencies from customers who use PayPal for payments. The complete list of currencies is shown here.

Of course, you can also use a credit card based in any currency and can always use US dollars for your PayPal payment.

If you select payment using PayPal we'll email you a PayPal invoice in the currency you choose after reviewing and confirming your order. When you click on the invoice it takes you to the PayPal web site and fills out all information needed to make your payment.

It may be more advantageous for you to pay in dollars than your own currency. Details are discussed on our ordering information page.


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