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Key hallmark inside Ring hairstyles for women according to face shape src=";base64,R0lGODlhDgAOAPIEAEM7aW9qiT8yhIuDtPr4/wAAAAAAAAAAACH5BAUAAAQALAAAAAAOAA4AQAMtSLrcOyKK4V6kFbNQ1dBNAEgkx0DBBwBg83XM6gziKATSylrkVNmSTGqxg1USADs=">
I have a ring that was passed down through my family. It is gold and has a key hallmark on the inside of the band with no other hallmarks. Does anyone …

Is ING a Hallmark? 
Bought a diamond ring at an antique show and inside the ring it shows 14K ING... never saw the ING before... Can someone tell me what it is?

My ring says G - INV 14k b 17 
What does this mean? The band is too small to capture the information engraved inside it. Says 14k b 17 G - INV have no idea what its worth.

Hallmark Pearl Jewellery 
Does anyone know these hallmarks? It comes with 585 and RR Thanks, Inge from Belgium

Markings on Opal Ring 
Hi, I received this ring as a gift. It is from an estate. Ive assumed it is vintage / retro yellow gold maybe Opals and rubies? Naturally I looked for …

Date and manufacture query 
My mum's wedding ring has S.H stamped inside, then a crown, then 22 (so 22 ct gold) a sideways anchor (so Birmingham Assay Office), and a hard to distinguish …

Beaver, Leaves and Capital letter "L" 
The image of hallmarks is on an 18K gold wedding ring that was used in the year 1900 for a wedding in Riding Mountain, Manitoba, Canada. I am keen to …


Mystery Hallmarkings 
Hello, i don't know for sure if this is gold but it certainly has some hallmarks. However no one seems to be able to pinpoint them. I think this ring …

Old Ring Information. 
I have this ring that my son found a while ago. It was pretty dirty and I cleaned it up. Have never seen one like before. Wondering if it real gold and …

vintage ring signed DB sterling 
I have a vintage sterling ring signed DB sterling inside shank. Do you recognize the maker of DB sterling? It is from the 40's. Thank you!

Hallmarks ring 
Good Morning, He wanted help about these hallmarks. Especially in regard to the manufacturer. I think the rest is 9kts Birminghan 1757, is it?


9 ct gold necklace with set pearls  
I have acquired a very lovely vintage necklace from a recently passed relation. It has a leaf (maple?) With 5 pearls set in claws. The back embossing is …

T & C Sapphire &Diamond Ring  
I have a sapphire and diamond ring stamped T & C with the trademark symbol after it. It's 14KP So I know it's plumb gold. Any ideas on the hallmark?

soviet rose gold ring  
I understand that the hammer and sickle with 583 indicate 14k gold. There is also a "93K" mark. What does this indicate?

old gold ring - hallmark help!  
I would be so appreciative of any help identifying the hallmark inside the gold band my grandmother gave me, who said it was her great grandmothers. I'm …

55 year old brooch 
the brooch is 55 years old. on the back of frame is written SPHINX. it is heavy gold plated. gem color is light purple and color fades in sunshine …

rope chain - can you tell me  
I found a rope chain with 15 C on it as well as P W R on the reverse side can you tell me what theses hallmarks mean thanks

Howe family crest

Gold signage ring: B.K & Co - 18 in a shield? 
Hi, I'm hoping to track down any information (date, maker name, etc) about a gold signet / seal ring that I inherited. My family tree runs back to Massachusetts, …

No ct mark but anchor and letter M -need help! 
I recently bought this ring and didn't see the hallmarks until I got home. It was sold to me as a 1920's 14 ct ring. However, it tests 18 ct and has these …

Hallmark translation  
Hi, I have a gold ring with 3 marks on it. I'm trying to find out when it was made, confirm the purity of the gold is 15k and find out what the last symbol …

G&T.J Sapphire ring 
This ring was handed down to me. I can't find anything about the hallmarks or stones. I've included the best pictures I can take of them. If anyone has …

Please Help identify Hallmark on 18ct Ring 
The ring tests for at least 18ct. I can not find any information on the hallmark. One mark has the letter E and an up arrow ^ in a Hexagon. The …

Front of Ring

Markings on Silver Ring: A&C 375 83 
I have this ring, and it may have been my mums and I wanted to know what the markings on the inside of the band mean. On one side it has 375 in a circle …

Need help identifying ring origin - Sailboat 
I have a ring in 18K white gold. I am sure it is European based on the 18K 750 marking on the inside of the ring, but there are two other symbols, and …

Turquoise earrings -what does the stamp mean?  
The earrings I'm talking about are gold and turquoise. It has gold flakes in the center of the oval shaped centerpiece of the 'gold wrapped' heart shaped …

Quote for Vintage Pendant 
Hi, I recently had a break in and my jewellery was stolen so unfortunately I don't have a photo of this. I'm trying to get a quote, very rough one as …

A hallmark with a P above a star surrounded by an oval on a gold chain.

Vintage Opal/Garnet Earrings Hallmark 
Hello: Inquiry is about a pair of earrings I own. I believe they are opal/garnet. Would love to know approximate age and country of origin. Thanks …

Gold link Bracelet stamped 14A with a barred I 
Found a gold bracelet with chain safety catch garnets mounted in a line down the middle. It's stamped 14A with a barred capital letter I or 3 tally marks …

Cream and Sugar set 
Could anyone help me identify the maker of this set? My parents are both gone and I have no idea where it was purchased. We were an Army family and have …

I have hallmarks to dicifre 
I have na ring with some hall marks, but i dont know what it means... could you help me?? I am sending fotos, Ths!!! ROdrigo

15K Birmingham Gold, Coral and Pearl Ring 
I have a beautiful gold coral and pearl ring that appears to be a 1897 Birmingham piece. 15.625 left facing Birmingham anchor and the X year mark but …

Pre 1930's euro-cut ring 
I have a pre1930's European cut diamond and 14k white gold ring. It has a hallmark on the inside that reads '14K HALLMARK' no other marks are visible. …

cross pendent

10K ADL  
how can i tell if my tiny diamand and sapphire cross pendent is by abraham david loewenstark and the year and value of pendant.

F with arrow thru it - Broach 
I have a brooch and earring set that is 14kt yellow gold and has a pearl on each of them the earrings are twist on can you please help me tell who made …

Help with date of this Birmingham Hallmark 
I am having difficulty determining the font and hence the date that corresponds to the date mark on this signet ring. Can anyone help? I am assuming its …

18k gold brooch  
Have an 18kt gold brouch with this hall mark and wanted to know the details and value and maker of it.

very old silver brooch 
hi there I have a brooch that was handed down. it goes back 5 to 6 generations - it is silver 5 hallmarks. 1 lion rampet. 2. 99.5. 3. sigsil. …

F in a Diamond  
I have searched all over the internet for the meaning of this hallmark. Is it a makers mark? If so, do you know who it is? What does it represent???? …

Cartier Brooch?  
I was looking to sell this brooch, someone looked at it and told me to investigate further as the gems are cut to the style of Cartier and in the tutti …

Red Stone 10k Ring by Del Powers Mark 
Looking for info on this hallmark and ring to find out value, I was told it was a real ruby on hardness scale and I do know it takes out all the colors …

Wedding Band Hallmark Help! 
I wear my grandmother's wedding band every day but have only just noticed all the hallmarks and wondering what they mean! Have managed to figure out the …

Medieval Reliquary Cross Pendant 14-15th Century? 
could you try and figure a date for this reliquary pendant it has some etched marks on the inside i think this is prob makers mark, i have been searching …

Gold Ring Hallmark Letter 
Hi - I have a ring which was passed down from my Grandmother and she couldn't remember much about where it had come from apart from it was passed down …

Old Jewerly Set - WS 
Hi, I would like to ask anyone who knows any information on this jewerly, how old is it, where is it from, what stones, how valuable is it? It has a mark …

Gold ring with blue/green stone and red speckles 
Hi guys, I have been given a ring by my grandmother so any info would be a great help! The ring is gold with a bluey/green stone with red speckles. …

Y in a Circle - Ring found this in my couch... 
Whilst searching for my elusive cell phone, I happened upon this strange ring. It has piqued my interest. I've been unable to find any information on it …

it says 14k ROR

Jewelry with ROR Marks 
I got a ring for a gift and didn't know what ROR meant so I looked it up and it said it might be the initials of a 1900's designer and could be vintage …

Gold ring stamped 9 0 KOREA 
I have this gold ring with a big tear drop shaped stone and a tiny diamond that's stamped with 9 0 KOREA. It's from my great grandmother. I apologize for …

Georg Jensen Locket 
Floral Silver Locket. Back has "G J Ld. lion head and letter P" Second Necklace - Gold floral locket - "G J then something i can't see then 375 with …

Cursive F and L - Ring 
I recently purchased an estate wedding band with an inside marking of cursive F an elongated oval then a cursive L. This ing ring is 14k gold barely can …

585 BH Ring 
My grandfather has recently passed away and this is a ring he always used to wear. It's an old bloodstone signet ring and he was given this ring by his …

Upside Down Horseshoe mark on jewelry 
I need help finding out about an Upside Down Horseshoe mark on a vintage adjustable ring. Attached photos. If you know or can point me in the right …

Men's wedding band - IGM 
I have a men's wedding band that says 14k IGM. What does IGM stand for? There is a simple pattern but no real distinguishing marks is there anyway to …

What does JH on my 14k ring mean?  
I have a lovely ring it's I believe to be good quality but I can't seem to find out what the JH refers to, I am guessing it's the Makers Mark I would be …

Chester Hallmarks 
Hi could someone please help me with this 18k gold ring marked Chester. The maker's mark looks like a crescent moon or maybe a curved E. The date letter …

Ring - HS crown 22 side anchor G 
We bought a wedding band that has the letters HS. Crown,Side anchor, letter G. We know nothing about hallmarks. Can you help? Thank you

Antique gold filled locket marks 
Hi! I have acquired a gorgeous gold-filled locket. The locket itself is unmarked, but the bale is, on its underside. The part I didn't photograph well …


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Hairstyles for women according to face shape

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Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape


Hairstyles for women according to face shape