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How to wear boho headbands with short hair

One of the hottest trends is Boho fashion. What we like so much about it is that it’s flowing and easy but also edgy and feminine—all at the same time.

Plus, it’s the kind of look that, in most cases, doesn’t require a lot of money. There’s a pretty hair good chance that you have some Boho basics already in your closet and a quick trip to a thrift store can help you to find some other pieces to complete the look.

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If this already doesn’t have you excited, take out a few moments to check out a few Boho fashion ideas. We’re pretty sure that you’ll want to wear at least a couple of them—sooner than later.

Low-key style

Low-key styleLow-key style/via

A tank, some sorts and a silk cover-up (or kimono). That’s all you need to create the ultimate low-key Boho style.

Boho and jeans

Boho and jeansBoho and jeans/via

This particular outfit is an example of the fact that sometimes it’s the accessories that mean the most. A leather headband along with some leather sandals made distressed jeans and a plain cotton T-shirt still qualify as “Boho”.

Shorts for fall

Shorts for fallShorts for fall/via

When the weather is a bit on the cooler side, don’t put up your shorts. Just put on a pair of opaque tights and a hat and you’re all set. Boho style.

Throw on a graphic tee

Throw on a graphic teeThrow on a graphic tee/via

You can still make use of all of the graphic tees that are in your drawers. As you can see, this lace cover-up and beaded necklace takes it a step up from casual.

A striped onesie

A striped onesieA striped onesie/via

Onesies are so Boho. The key is to find unique pieces of jewelry to go with it

Flower Power

Flower PowerFlower Power/via

You really can’t get much more Boho fashion than this cute lil’ number. The flower headband, leather bracelets and hand painting definitely takes it to a whole new level, though. (Note: You probably have some places in town that do temporary henna tattoos. Try one on your hands or feet for special occasions.)

Lovely summer blouse

Lovely summer blouseLovely summer blouse/via

Boho fashion doesn’t require a ton of effort. The right blouse may be all that you need.

Mix some patterns

Mix some patternsMix some patterns/via

Tie-dye is a type of fabric print that’s also pretty big in Boho fashion. What we like about this particular picture is how the tie-dye T-shirt dress is combined with a leopard cover-up. (Hot!)

After five Bohemian

After five BohemianAfter five Bohemian/via

Didn’t think you could make Boho fashion formal? This is just one of the many ways to do it. (We personally recommend adding some bangles.)

A strapless ruffled maxi dress

A strapless ruffled maxi dressA strapless ruffled maxi dress/via

Somewhere, there is a super-feminine gypsy who is dying to find a ruffled maxi dress just like this one. And really, who could blame her?

Stunning for autumn

Stunning for autumnStunning for autumn/via

This is another autumn look that we really like. From the colors and pattern of the mini-dress, to the suede ankle boots, it’s one of the best ways to bring in the cooler seasons.

Navy romper

Navy romperNavy romper/via

Every woman who wants to represent an element of Boho style should own a romper. If you decide to go with a solid color such as this navy one, there are so many possibilities. You can easily dress it up or down.

Pure white

Pure whitePure white/via

Are you heading to the beach any time soon? If so, look for a pair of white lace shorts and a white organic cotton top. Add to it a white cover-up and you’ll be a Boho dream.

Graphic shirt and lace skirt

Graphic shirt and lace skirtGraphic shirt and lace skirt/via

Isn’t this look super cute? It’s just one more way to wear a graphic shirt if you don’t want to pair it with your jeans.

The perfect mini dress

The perfect mini dressThe perfect mini dress/via

If you tend to be a bit more on the conservative side, that’s OK. This mini dress is still stylish without revealing a lot of skin. (Just make sure to get a wide brimmed hat to go with it.)

Boho bikini

Boho bikiniBoho bikini/via

You’ve just got to get a Boho bikini for the summertime. You can see why.

A tunic dress

A tunic dressA tunic dress/via

A tunic is a staple in Boho fashion. What we like about it is you can wear it alone, with some denim shorts or a pair of jeans. This makes it the kind of piece that you can put on year round.

A tank, a maxi and a medallion

A tank, a maxi and a medallionA tank, a maxi and a medallion/via

You might already have a maxi skirt hanging up with your closet. Pair it up with a tank and a medallion and you’re Boho ready without a ton of effort.

A touch of Boho chic

A touch of Boho chicA touch of Boho chic/via

If you’re honestly more “Ralph Lauren” than “modern-day gypsy”, look for a lace top similar to this one. It’s a hint of Boho without you compromising the style that you prefer.

Bohemian color

Bohemian colorBohemian color/via

Boho style is a lot of fun. A part of the reason is because it incorporates so many differently colors. Although a lot of looks that we showed blend in neutral hues, reds, blues and jewel tones are just as appropriate.

Great for summer

Great for summerGreat for summer/via

“Free spirit”. This is one thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Boho fashion. The tie-dye along with all of the layers of this little dress will make you look fun and fancy free—in a sophisticated kind of way.

Western flair

Western flairWestern flair/via

Cut-off jeans, a white lace tank and a leather jacket with fringes. This, too, is Boho fashion.

Collect some headbands

Collect some headbandsCollect some headbands/via

So, what if your budget is a little tight? No worries. A beaded headband and some gold (or silver) bangles will have you looking just as Boho as everyone else without spending a lot of money in the process.

Don’t forget about Boho jewelry pieces

Don't forget about Boho jewelry piecesDon’t forget about Boho jewelry pieces/via

Jewelry is extremely essential when it comes to pulling off the Boho look. Gold and silver, leather, cloth—jewelry that’s made out of all kinds of materials and then combined together is what makes it truly “Boho”.

Boho Bride

Boho BrideBoho Bride/via

If you love Boho fashion and you have a wedding coming up, you don’t have to go without it on your special day. This long, white lace dress is proof that Boho fits every occasion in a stunning and memorable kind of way.

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How to wear boho headbands with short hair

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How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair


How to wear boho headbands with short hair