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Gain luck, health, wealth and happiness and get rich

Gems or precious stones bring luck or influence of those planets ruling them. If you have continuous streak of bad luck, it might be sometimes due to wrong choice of gems that are not suitable to your personal signs and numbers. Varaha Mihira, the famous astrologer of ancient India (1st century BC) has devoted a full chapter to gems and precious stones in his monumental work Brihat Samhita, a treatise on Vedic Hindu Astrology.   You can choose  the lucky gems or stones suitable for your signs -  sun sign, moon sign (Rasi),  star (nakshatra), and dasa (period) and  birth number (numerology) to get luck and favourable disposition of planets (Astrology) and numbers (Numerology). If you know the signs, lords of signs, ruling planets of dasa, birth number etc. you can browse down through this page. You can be yourself a master of Gemology.

However Krishnamurti Padhdhati of Hindu Vedic astrology (KP) suggests that lucky gems related to the sub-lords of  1st or 11th house should be worn to enhance luck provided such lords should not be the significators of 6th, 8th or 12th houses.



Order Your Gem Report

Or you may want to order a special exclusive report based on your birth details on a voluntary donation of  say .00  by clicking here.  If you cannot afford, of course, it's free. The report will indicate suitable gems on the basis of:

  • Sun sign (Western Astrology)

  • Ascendant or Lagna (Hindu Astrology)

  • Moon Sign or Rasi

  • Dasa also called Mahadasa (Period)

  • Birth Number (Numerology)

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Signs and gems (Astrology): (Krishnamurti Paddhati - KP system)

Sign (Lagna) Lucky Number Lucky Colour Lucky Stone
Aries 9, 8 and  6 Blue Amethyst, diamond
Taurus 6, 5 and 8 Pink, green and white Sapphire, diamond and emerald
Gemini 5 and  3  Green and yellow Aquamarine, agate, emerald and yellow sapphire.
Cancer 2, 7, 9. (1,3,4 and 6 are OK but avoid 5 and 8 White, cream, red and yellow. Avoid blue and green. Diamond, pearls, ruby, yellow sapphire. Avoid blue sapphire and emerald. Blue color shows opposition and emerald will not allow one to save.
Leo 1, 4, 5, 9 and 6.  Avoid 2, 7 and 8.    3  - mixed results. Orange, red and white. Ruby, emerald, diamond and sardonix.
Virgo 5, 2, 7, 6 and 3 Green, white and yellow. Emerald, pearl, diamond and yellow sapphire and sapphire
Libra 1, 4, 2 and 7. 

5 is for loss, 6 success to opponent, 3 enmity and 9 litigation but finally success.   8 is for investment and profit to who transact with librans.

Orange, white and red. Diamond, pearls and opal.                                                                           

Orange coloured stone gives gives easy gain without any pain. Pearls and orange stones are favourable for speculative profit.   Do not use blue when you speculate which will benefit the opponents.

Scorpio 3, 9, 4, 1, 2 and 7 in this order. Avoid 5, 6 and 8. Yellow, red, orange. Wear yellow sapphire or topaz to beget children, ruby to win litigations and cream coloured pearls for higher studies.
Sagittarius 6, 5, 3 and 8. Avoid 2, 7 and 9. White, cream, green, orange and light blue. Avoid red and pearls. Emerald yields fame, name, gains, promotion and prosperity.  Orange stone is auspicious for assistance from Government connections with foreigners and long journeys.  You can use turquoise also. If you use Ruby, it makes you more short tempered, rash and reckless, resulting in loss.
Capricorn 6, 9 and 8 White, red and blue. Avoid yellow and cream colours. Garnet.

White is for luck and beautiful children, speculative gains, success in music, cinema, drama, business gains, favour from government etc.  Red is for buildings and landed property and blue for health, long life, financial success and happy family life.

Aquarius 3, 9, 2 and 7 Yellow, red, white and cream.  Sapphire and amethyst.

Red is for victory over enemies, reputation and success. White is for good, domestic environment,  higher education, gains from foreigners etc. Cream is for overdraft facility, win in elections and to be victorious over enemies.

Pisces 1, 4, 3 and 9. Avoid 8. Yellow, orange, red and rose.

Avoid blue, white, cream and green.

Yellow sapphire, coral and aquamarine.

Coral mounted on golden ring can be advantageous.




Numbers and Gems (Numerology) -  Vedic and Western systems:

Basic Number Planets

Lucky Gems  

Lucky Metals Lucky Colours

English - Hindi - Tamil 

Sun Ruby - Manik -  Manikkam or Kembu         

star ruby, sun stone

Ruby,  topaz, amber, yellow diamond Gold, copper Yellow, orange and brown (bronze to golden) family.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is Ruby which is Padma Rag in Sanskrit, Yakut in Persian and Chuni in Urdu. In auspicious time have a ruby of about 5 ratties in weight embedded in golden ring such a way that  it touches the middle finger. The ruby should be fixed on Sunday and worn on the same day. 
2 Moon Pearl - Moti -  Muthu

white sapphire

Moonstones, jade, pearls Silver Cream, green and white family.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is  Pearl which is Mukta Rag in Sanskrit and, Moti in Persian. Pearl in silver ring would bring advancement. Pearl should be always clear, brilliant, soft and symmetrical.  Pearl ring should be worn in middle finger. In case of disease, drinking water from silver pot will help restore health quickly.
3 Jupiter Yellow Sapphire - golden topaz  Pukhraj - Pushparagam,

yellow pearl

Amethyst and all purple or violet coloured stones Tin, gold Lilac, purple and mauve family
Suggestion: Ruling stone is  Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz l which is  Pushparaj in Sanskrit and, Zard Yakut in Persian.  This is available in 5 shades. The best is one with golden colour, brilliant and symmetrical in shape. This should not be less than 3 ratties.  It should be embedded in in gold and worn in the first finger in such a way that it touches the skin.  Such a ring should be made on a Thursday preferably Pushya asterism (nakshatra) and should be worn on the same day.  
4 Rahu

Sun (Western)

Harsonite Garnet - Gomed -  Gomedakam

Chinnamon and agate.

Sapphire and topaz Uranium, copper


Electric shades and halftones.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is   Sapphire Turquoise, Neelamani in Sanskrit and, Neelvi Yakut in Persian.  The best is one with golden colour, brilliant and symmetrical in shape. This should not be less than 6 ratties.  It should be embedded in in 5 metal alloy ring in the middle finger. Preferable is Gomed of 6 ratties on middle finger to be worn on a Saturday.
5 Mercury Emerald -  Panna - Pachchai 

green zircon, turquoise

Diamonds and yellow sapphire Quick silver (mercury), gold, platinum or silver Light, mixed colours.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is   Emerald, Panna  in Sanskrit.  It is available in 5 shades any of which is OK but it should be devoid of defects, shining, transparent, brilliant and unbroken. It should be of weight minimum 6 ratties embedded in gold or platinum and worn on the small finger in such a way it touches the finger. It enhances intellects and propensity to succeed especially for traders, students and people in service.
6 Venus Diamond - Heera -  Vairam - white zircon Turquoise and emeralds Copper, platinum



Blue family - from the lightest to the darkest. All shades of rose or pink.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is   Diamond, Vajramani  in Sanskrit and Almas in Persian.  The bigger the diamond the more useful would it be for you. It should be  embedded in a golden  or platinum ring and worn on the small finger. It gives quick results, increases power and attraction and serves for all round progress of people.
7 Ketu

Moon (Western)

Cat's Eye - Lashsuniya -  Vaiduriam

tiger's eye and turquoise.

Green jades, pearls, moonstones, moss and cat's eyes Platinum, uranium


Cream, green and white family; pastels.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is   Cat's eye ,  Lashsunya  in Sanskrit and Vaidur  in Persian.   In this gem, there are small white lines. The best cat's eye should have two lines and a half.  It is available in four colours of which white or yellow is best suited and should be worn in golden ring on small finger in such a way that it touches skin. You can have all terms of comfort easily.
8 Saturn Blue Sapphire - Neelam  

lapis lazuli, amethyst

Black pearls and black diamonds Lead, iron Dark such as dark grey, navy or dark blue and dark browns.
Suggestion: Ruling stone is Sapphire Turquoise, Neelamani in Sanskrit and Nilvil Yakut in Persian. Wear a blue, shining, transparent, emanating rays and symmetrical stone of weight minimum 5 ratties in gold on middle finger. This undoubtedly removes all obstacles.
9 Mars Coral - Moonga - Pavalam Ruby, garnet. bloodstone, red jasper Copper, Iron Red, rose or crimson family - from the lightest to the darkest.
Suggestion: Main gem is Coral, Vidrum in Sanskrit and Mirjan in Persian.  Wear a coral stone which is shining, slipping in between fingers, angular and appearing more weighty. You can test by putting it in milk where it forms a reddish shadow and  placing it on a paper or cotton in sunshine when this article catches fire.  At least 5 ratties of weight should be worn in golden ring in such a way that the gem touches the skin. It removes all obstacles and takes you to the path of progress and prosperity.

Uranium and quick silver are dangerous to wear.

One Ratti = 120 mg

One Carat = 200 mg



The Influence of Precious Stones and Gems

Gems Recommended for
Ruby increase of political power, good health, freedom from liver disease.
Pearl affluence, peace of mind and popularity.
Coral money, freedom from stomach diseases, annihilation of enemies, freedom from debts.
Emerald strengthening the nervous system, recovery from schizophrenia, wealth, knowledge, benefits from trade and commerce
Yellow Sapphire health, blood pressure, knowledge, peace of mind, rise in religious and spiritual affairs and wealth.
Diamond increase in wealth , winning over love, comfortable and luxurious living
Blue Sapphire annihilation of enemies, recovery from chronic diseases, melancholia, depression and increase in wealth.
Harsonite Garnet good health, recovery from skin diseases, annihilation of enemies, rise in life
Cat's eye vanquishing of enemies, recovery from pain and wounds, an increase of wealth.
Turquoise recommended for those whose marriage has been delayed, for conjugal happiness, peace of mind
Dana-firang dissolving kidney stone

Gems and qualities: (as per Buddhabhatta in Ratnapariksha,  a Sanskrit work,  6th century BC)

Gems Symbolism Qualities
Diamond Reconciliation and love Makes the wearer faithful in undertakings. 
Garnet Loyalty and frankness Gives sincerity of heart.
Amethyst Happiness and wealth Gives courage and keeps away from drunkenness.
Jasper Courage and wisdom Gives constancy and marital happiness.
Sapphire Truth and clear conscience Makes the wearer repentant for faults committed.
Emerald Hope and faithful love Gives knowledge of the future. 
Agate Prosperity and long life Gives better health.
Ruby Beauty and daintiness Preserves from false friendships.
Carnelian Joy and peace Disperses evil thoughts and sorrow
Opal Prayer and tender love Increases faithfulness.
Topaz Eager love Prevents evil dreams.
Turquoise Courage and hope Ensures success in love.
Olivine Innocent pleasures Simplicity and modesty.
Peridot Thunderbolt Encourages marriage.
Aquamarine Youth and health Ensures constant happiness.

Gems and occult significance and properties

Gems Properties (Madam Fraya) Key quality (Others)
Black Agate Protects against envy; makes athletes invincible. Courage
Red Agate Protects against strings of spiders and scorpions and against storm and lightning. Calm
Aquamarine Draws affectionate feelings from others. Hope


Amber Protects children against convulsions if worn as necklace. Health
Amethyst Protects against drunkenness and poison if the images of sun and moon are received on it. Peace of heart
Beryl -- Hope
Chiridion ( a variety of Turquoise with black lines) -- Talisman of love
Chrysolite (a variety of Topaz) Protects against gout, madness, facilitates searches. Wisdom
Chrysoprase ( a variety of Agate) -- Gaiety
Coral Protects against epidemics. It turns pale, i.e. loses its colour and lustre when a loved person is going to die. Attachment
Adamant -- Tranquility of soul
Carnelian Protects against ruin and betrayal. Friendship
Diamond -- Frankness.
Emerald -- Faithfulness.
Carbuncle baby Gives self-confidence, constancy, energy. Assurance
Garnet -- Strength
Hematite Gives success in law suits. Vivacity
Hyacinth -- Faithfulness
Jade Cures colic and kidney troubles. Power
Jet -- Mourning
Jasper -- Joy
Lapis Lazuli -- Ability
Cat's eye Protects against evil spells and the evil eye. Long Life
Onyx Soothes nocturnal depressions; dispels nightmares. Clearness
Opal -- Confidence
Pearl -- Purity
Peridot Dispels female betryal; encourages friendships.  Happiness
Ruby Dispels sadness and love troubles. Ardent love
Sapphire Good health; preserves sight; protects chastity.  Vivacity
Sardonyx Leads to a high position.  
Selenite ( Also called Moonstone) Strengthens support and relationship of persons who are close. Intelligence
Topaz -- Gentleness
Turquoise -- Success






Harmonies Based on Date of Birth:

Birth Number 

Planets Colors Jewels Metals
1 Sun White, Golden, Yellow Topaz, Amber, Ruby Copper
2 Moon Yellow, Cream Moon- stone, Pearl Silver, Platinum
3 Jupiter Violet, Blue, Rose (Pink), Mauve, Purple Amethyst, Yellow Sapphire Gold
4 Sun Orange, Ruddy Gold, Grey  Yellow Sapphire, Ruby Copper
5 Mercury Indigo, Light Blue, White, Light Green Diamond, Emerald Gold
6 Venus Pale Blue, Pink, Turquoise Turquoise, Emerald, Diamond Platinum
7 Moon Silver, Opal, Pale Yellow, Light Green Moon- stone, Pearl, Cat's eye Platinum
8 Saturn Black, Deep Brown Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Black Pearl Iron, Lead
9 Mars Red, Crimson, Rosy (Pink) Ruby, Garnet, Blood stone, Coral Copper, Iron


Harmonies Based on Decanates

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Tips for Wearing Precious Stones and Gems

The correct procedure that should be followed is explained here. The stone or gem should be worn in such a way that a part of the surface touches the skin and the other is exposed to atmosphere. The jewel may be studded in a ring.

Caution!! Any gem or precious stone should be initially worn for three or four days trial period. If its beneficial effects are evident and favourable, it may be worn permanently.  The blue sapphire, the cat's eye and gomed are very potent.  It may also happen that particular piece may be faulty and adverse things happen in which case you may stop wearing the piece  and return it.





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Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures


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Latest boy baby pictures


Latest boy baby pictures