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Man wears heels

5ft 2in (157 cm)

American Singer best remembered for songs such as The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Purple Rain, 1999, I Wanna Be Your Lover and When Doves Cry.
How tall was Prince
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Height of Madonna

5ft 3.5in (161 cm)

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5ft 2.38in (158.5cm)

Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Maybe 156, no more, he has the looks of a short man.

Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jun/17
MKJoP - Why, thank you very much! 👍😁👍
That has made me extra happy this afternoon!

MJKoP said on 15/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Thank you, deeply, for understanding. Too many people on the Internet(and in real life) refuse back down from any statement they make, even when an explanatory reply is presented to them in a very calm and gentle manner, via an attempt to deescalate. Your profound ability to hear me out and allow me to defend myself, while taking my words into consideration show an amazing, insightful personality trait that so many people sadly lack.

Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/17
@ MJKoP - That was an excellent, intelligent and justifiable reply! Most impressive, in fact! I hope that we can all be friends, and enjoy this height 'safe-haven' together! 👍😁

MJKoP said on 15/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell: Yeah, admittedly, my words can come off as pretty harsh sometimes. But you are taking my words out of context. I don't have a problem with anybody musing over what they love or loved about whatever said celebrity. Yeah, it has no real relevance to the site's subject matter, but no harm, no foul. However, when there are repeated instances of users directly equating any particular height - whether it be an excess, lack of, or neither - to whomever's life accomplishments or endearing qualities(i.e. "he was only five foot six, but still a really nice guy"), that somewhat irks me, what with the highly demeaning implications. And the endless cases of "Who cares about his/her/anyone's height?" are a blatant insult to all of the legit members here, and especially Rob. Let's say you were very passionate about model railroading and ran a website devoted to your hobby and the comment boxes and forum section would frequently read, "Who cares about toy trains? Why do people even talk about it; there are so many more important and worthwhile things in life to focus your attention on!" That would quickly become very grating and offensive towards you and the other members who were serious about a shared pastime. If you believe the theme of any said website is stupid and/or pointless, ignore it and don't visit. It's that simple. Don't feel the need to butt in and annoy those who have found a safe-haven of like-minded individuals.

Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jun/17
@ Rob - Very well said indeed!
Here is a 😁 for you and a 👍 for good measure! Brav🍩!

Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jun/17
You like talking down to people it would seem. It isn't a nice thing to do. Who made you judge, jury and executioner?
If people wish to add a comment which includes how much they like a particular celeb, is it any skin off your nose? It doesn't reflect badly on their intelligence, education or otherwise.
We are all here because we are interested in height - and in celebrities! In many cases, these stars are going to have fans who cannot keep certain feelings in sometimes. It is just a bit of fun!
We should all try to get on together nicely, Adam! OK? 👍

Editor Rob:
Sometimes the way we word things can come across as a bit aggressive or intense...the intention might not be.
But we all have room to improve our ability to communicate. It is easy at times to fall into the trap of negativity.
I wish anybody reading this to enjoy their day, I will give you a big 😀 and a 🤝 and throw in a 👍

MJKoP said on 11/Jun/17
Dee said on 6/Jun/17
Prince's height is irrelevant. He was HOT, a musical genius. Millions of fans, friends, lovers and ex-wives and yet he died alone. Nobody there for this great man. In my eyes 6 feet tall.
"His height is irrelevant but because I think he was so wonderful and accomplished and feel sorry for him about the circumstances surrounding his death, he was six feet tall to me!" Do you realize how ridiculously uneducated and ill-informed you sound with that inane statement? Nobody here is saying that being taller or shorter makes someone any better or worse of a human being. Nor does it necessarily make them more or less successful. The purpose of this site is to objectively figure out the heights of various celebs(hence the name), for recreational purposes. This isn't a fan site for Prince or anyone else listed. If you are going to come on here and seemingly poo-poo at the fact that in reality Prince was an extremely diminutive man in physical stature, then go to a Prince-related facebook group and gush about him to your heart's content. If Prince had been 6'3" would you have still called his height "irrelevant"? Shows what a shallow and low-brow crew we sometimes get here.

M Sanders said on 11/Jun/17
I always wondered why Prince was so short, but he was a beautiful man. Too beautiful

Dee said on 6/Jun/17
Prince's height is irrelevant. He was HOT, a musical genius. Millions of fans, friends, lovers and ex-wives and yet he died alone. Nobody there for this great man. In my eyes 6 feet tall.

Dino said on 24/Mar/17
i saw prince several times in concert. that last being in 2004. when i saw him in 1988, his stage had a basketball court on it. between a song, he interacted with the audience, had a basketball, dribbled thru and around his legs, shot free-throws (made every one) and did lay-ups. i think the stories of him being a good basketball player in junior high and/or high school are true.

Dingus said on 6/Feb/17
5'02.25". A lot of talent packed int that small frame. One of the biggest loses of 2016.

Phil said on 28/Dec/16
He was very insecure about his height and I don't blame him.
I mean 5 foot 2 is extremely short for a guy.

Sandy Cowell said on 30/Nov/16
@ Bj - Hi! I think that what you said about the size of someone's heart being more important than height is very true to the majority of sensitive and decent people. Unfortunately though, height is part and parcel of one's first impression! I wish it wasn't; I'm small myself!
Prince was a talented legend and very generous with it! It is tragic that he died so young. I read all sorts of different heights for him, the highest of which was 5ft5, but you are so right that he had a good heart. He helped other stars along and gave away his own self-penned songs.
The music industry lost a wonderful contributor when he passed.

B j said on 29/Nov/16
Do not matter how tall or small someone might be it is the size of the heart that counts

Shredder said on 16/Sep/16
5'3 " at 57 means he was 5'3.5 " in his prime.

Saal said on 4/Jul/16
He was 5'3"... funny how his fans got it wrong for the last 35 years lol.

ShortRussianDude said on 3/Jul/16
Rob is it possible that prince could have been 5'3? or would you rule it out?

Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule it out, although how accurate some of the autopsy measurements are is debatable...

Phil said on 28/Jun/16
The autopsy confirmed him as 5'3", please update

ShmoBoy said on 2/Jun/16
The autopsy report had him at 5'3. Whether they rounded up, or he would've been slightly shorter midday... don't know.
Click Here

tony said on 2/Jun/16
Autopsy report says 5'3.
Why are these autopsy reports always wrong about height.

Tate76 said on 2/Jun/16
Prince was 63" tall meaning he was 5'3"ft... My wife had the pleasure of taking a pic with him and she is 5'3" as well, but she had on 1" heels on at the time of the picture and Prince and her were exactly the same height. Due to him wearing 1" heels as well.

Tate76 said on 2/Jun/16
Prince was 63" tall meaning he was 5'3"ft... My wife had the pleasure of taking a pic with him and she is 5'3" as well, but she had on 1" heels on at the time of the picture and Prince and her were exactly the same height. Due to him wearing 1" heels as well.

plus said on 21/May/16
@John Cena Do you have a source?

John Cena said on 17/May/16
When he died he was 5'1.5(156 cm)

Sam said on 17/May/16
I read in his EW obituary article that despite being 5'2" he actually was excellent at basketball...I thought that was just a Charlie Murphy story! Wish there was video of this.

Hal said on 16/May/16
In the movie Purple Rain Prince's character is the child of a mixed marriage. However in reality, Prince comes from a long line of light-skinned Blacks on both sides.

Beej said on 15/May/16
It seems fair to observe Prince was near or around 5' 2. His heels were rarely more than 3 inches. No doubt they added to his image but they also served to balance out a shorter leg length. So practicality / vanity were obvious considerations.

MojoRollJo said on 12/May/16
I'm surprised there aren't pages for Prince's well-known, old flames, 'Vanity'/Denise Matthews (R.I.P.), Mayte Garcia and Apollonia (Kotero) on here yet.
AFAIK, Vanity was about 5' 5", Mayte is about 5' 4"-to-5' 5", and Apollonia is about 5' 3".

MojoRollJo said on 12/May/16
@ Britney below🔽- I believe his wife Mayte was about 5' 4"-to-5' 5" (at the most).

plus said on 11/May/16
All Prince's data remained private so we can not expect his real height

virginiaT said on 11/May/16
What a tragedy, so much talent embodied into a compact person. Prince was issued of a mixed race marriage, he saw beyond color, that was not his hang-up. He was a pure American original, a fine blend of soul, rock n'roll, funk and R&B. He was such a creative genius, hard working & gentile person. Prince and Michael Jackson will be missed. I am so devastated by their passing. They were both "one of a kind artists", Prince was a modern day Mozart - mastered an arrange of instruments from a very young age. MJ was a Genius singer & dancer.
Those guys were from my generation. May both RIP.

BRITNEY said on 10/May/16

littlesue said on 8/May/16
The heels certainly wouldn't have helped but people of any height get arthritis, men in general don't wear heels and get it but thinking about it women do seem to get it more in the hip so maybe the heels helped contribute to it. I've wore heels for over 40 years due to lack of height and I'm virtually a cripple now

Ian C. said on 8/May/16
If it is determined that Prince died of an overdose of opioid painkillers it may be plausibly argued that he died as an indirect result of being short. How so? Prince needed the painkillers to deal with joint pain caused by damage incurred by dancing on stage while wearing high-heeled boots. And he wore the high-heels to offset his lack of height.
Incidentally I understand that his death was tragic, and this post is not meant as a heartless joke.

Hal said on 2/May/16
Lol 4-11 is Danny Devito territory. In heels, Prince was as tall as James Brown when they got on stage together. Prince was 5-2 RIP

smack daddy said on 27/Apr/16
not 5'2".....he was about 4'11"...maybe 5'2" in high heels

Nathan T said on 26/Apr/16
and not only that...but he produced satellite groups because he pioneered an entire sub-genre called "The Minneapolis Sound". The Time, Jesse Johnson, and others. The Time are very important because 2 ex-band members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis brought the Minneapolis Sound even to Janet Jackson.
And that's great irony. Janet Jackson's immense success is owed to Michael Jackson's biggest rival. Janet's album "Control" is in the Prince's sub-genre and to a lesser extent "Rhythm Nation", Hits like "What have You Done For Me Lately" are 100% Minneapolis. In fact, in one of the songs, Janet Jackson yells the lyric "Minneapolis!".
BTW, "When Doves Cry" was the biggest song of 1984 and was the last certified platinum record by a solo artist before they lowered the standard for platinum.

Sharon said on 24/Apr/16
I dont care how tall he is. He is a gorgeous, sexy talented man. Im soooo bummed he is gone. I have been watching Purple Rain reruns and his videos all day. A musical genius.

JoHn B said on 24/Apr/16
Just reading in the Daily Mail to day about a women named Liz Jones, who was Huge fan and went on to write Prince biography. She says she kept one fact out of the book because not to hurt him and that was during a meeting with him she saw an old passport of his and it said he was 4'10''......

James B said on 23/Apr/16
Always reminded me of a 1980s Michael Jackson.
Like arch never really been a fan of his but still unfourtante he had to die since a lot of people in the music industry clearly liked him.

hijopotamus said on 23/Apr/16
Most talented artist ever.

shl said on 22/Apr/16
truly a great artist. rest in peace

Ron Pound said on 22/Apr/16
What a tragic loss. One of the best of our time. Thank you Prince. May you rest in peace.

Gregorovich said on 22/Apr/16
It's hard for me to imagine that people do not appreciate his music. Besides all the songs he is known for (1999, Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, Lets Go Crazy, Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, Kiss, Diamonds and Pearls, Most Beautiful Girl, etc) he also wrote songs that were hits for other singers. For example, he wrote "I Feel For you," which made Chaka Khan famous. And of course, he penned and composed "nothing compares 2 u," recorded by Sinead O'Connor as well as "Sugar Walls," sung by Sheena Easton. He also wrote and composed "Manic Monday," which was sung by the Bangles and was their first hit. His talent was immense. If his songs were not enough, he was probably one of the best guitarists who has ever lived.

Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/16
Didn't realize he was black, always thought he looked more Filipino or Iranian or something. Afraid to say I've never been a fan or him or his music

Daniel said on 22/Apr/16
Sad man wears heels to know he's just passed away. He was only 57

Dora Zorica said on 22/Apr/16
Prince was a short but huge artist..... wonderful creative soul!!!!!!!Rest in Peace Little BIG Prince!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your amazing music!

Gonzalo said on 22/Apr/16
RIP. I wasn´t really a fan but he was a genious.

Dmax said on 22/Apr/16
Sad that he passed away may he rest in peace but @hijopotamus did you just called Mick Jagger short?

Jar T said on 22/Apr/16
What a loss. RIP. I wonder if the autopsy results will list his height. Did they for MJ?

Editor Rob: since it's highly likely an autopsy would be done, I think they would list it yes.

Seamus Hanratty said on 21/Apr/16
When you are young and are small you do have hang ups when you get older and wiser you just get on with life and be happy to be alive and women love a little man lol I'm only 5 foot small just like Danny devito

Crypto139 said on 21/Apr/16
One of the greats died today. While he may have been only 5'2" he was an incredible artist.

Daniel said on 21/Apr/16
Sad to know he's just passed away. He was only 57

Matthew said on 21/Apr/16
Sadly the late Prince now

hijopotamus said on 19/Sep/15
jjjj, true but I meant Prince the rockstar not Prince the insecure kid. Prince made his weakness a strength. Most rockstars are short and petit small frame. James Brown said that to be onstage you need "hair and teeth" nothing about height and someone wrote an article about most rockstars had a big head with a small frame. Watch Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Jagger, James Brown, Sly Stone, Madonna, Tina Turner, Jim Morrison, etc some others like Zappa, Sting, dont look as good as they are more proportioned. Weird and intetesting.

jjjj said on 14/Sep/15
I disagree with the statement that Prince hasn't been insecure about his height. He had a half-brother born the same year as him who looked a lot like him.. but was 5'11". This really ed with his self-esteem, that his brother and all of his cousins and friends were growing and he was stuck at 5'2". He even alluded to this in his song "Lady Cab Driver." But I think in the long run this has helped him to create an image as some flamboyant rock idol who's really small yet ed a million women, many famous celebrities. And it's helped his stage appearance as well... one could not imagine MJ being thrown into the air and landing in a split, while Prince could easily do this. I'm sure he's at peace with it now.

hijopotamus said on 31/May/15
Prince said "I wear high heels because women love'em" and also because they look good on stage and got the idea from Carlos Santana and James Brown. He also said that The Jacksons wore flat shoes and it never looked right. Prince could dance his ass off with 7 inch high heel boots on which MJ couldnt even had walked!
An insecure guy about his height would hide lifts or use elevators BUT never show off his high heel women shoes.
So he doesnt care about his height.

Kendall said on 12/Sep/14
Prince never came off to me as insecure about his height, guy has dated taller women throughout his career and wore heels as a part of his flamboyant style rather than to give the impression of being taller. Even refers to his short stature in his music.

James said on 14/Jul/14
I always Feel kinda sorry for prince that he hates his height.I look at it this way no matter how tall you are there's always gonna be someone taller than you.just except yourself the way you are

Jeff said on 1/Apr/14
looks like 4'7" to me.

Ian said on 4/Feb/14
Slightly shorter.

stevo said on 27/Jan/14
5'2" is wrong...a friend was at a highlevel at a soind stage in the 80s and had access to his DL...listed him at 4' 11"

Brad said on 24/Jan/14
Sophie, the height that this website has stated, 5ft 2in is about right. He probably only looked comparable to the hosts on The View thanks to his heels. Prince has publicly stated in media interviews that he has relied on his custom made shoes and "big hair" to give him extra height. Further to this, those who have worked with him professionally have stated that all publicity photographs of Prince have been done on angles that either create the illusion of Prince being taller, or at the very least, are photos in which his height is indistinguishable. While Prince sometimes appears self conscious of his height, at times he also seems to have a sense of humor about it. One magazine interviewing Kylie Minogue, an Australian pop star, asked Kylie about the day she met Prince and reportedly recorded a song with him, which to date has never been released. Kylie stated that Prince said to her that its always nice for him to meet a lady who he can look in the eye. Kylie herself is of a similar height to Prince.

Luz del Fuego said on 15/Dec/13
Has anyone ever noticed that he always wore heels and fluffly hair style in his appearances? That could add 15cm or so.

Viper said on 5/Aug/13
He must always wear high heels, because he never gives me an impression that hes as short as 5'2

Rohan said on 17/Jul/13
He was wearing high heels when he was on The View and still shorter.

sophie said on 12/Jul/13
Needs an upgrade to 5'4, he is as tall at the hosts of The View.

cateyez said on 11/Feb/13
Prince may not be tall (physically) he surely makes up for it with talent. He can play a multitude of instruments and he can sing his ass off. I saw him face to face do you think I was looking at his height? Heck no, I was checking out his clothes and that gorgeous face.

Sasha said on 25/Dec/11
My parents met Prince back in the 80s. My mom is 4'10" and Prince - in heels - was barely taller than her. I'm 4'11" and I've known a couple guys who look the same height as me but actually measure out to 5'2" (yes, we measured ourselves!) so I believe that he is, in fact, 5'2".

jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 3/Dec/11
Shorty says on 4/Oct/11
To all you guys who think you've finally found someone you can look down on, guess what? Prince has more talent than you, more money than you and a LOT more women than you. Watch you don't bang your head on the top of the door frame on the way out.
You're clearly a short guy with a chip on your shoulder.

Beatlefan said on 21/Nov/11
An awesome talent. Some people have posted pictures with prince standing next to some tall ladies who are wearing enormous heels as well. Prince is wearing heels too but so what? He's a pretty small guy so I guess that makes it understandable. Not sure why the likes of Brad Pitt wear height enhancing shoes though, vanity probably.

mpls said on 20/Nov/11
i am sorry but those of u on here claiming to b 4´11 and taller than prince r flat out lying.
i have met him several times in the past 20 yrs and can tell u that he is no shorter than AT LEAST 5´2, more likely 5´3.
if u do ur research, u will c that he never wears heels higher than 3 inches, nowadays even less bcuz of orthopedic issues. he is about 5´6 in heels. how do i know? bcuz he was at no time ever more than 2 inches shorter than me and i am 5´8. there. let the flaming begin. LOL

Shorty said on 4/Oct/11
To all you guys who think you've finally found someone you can look down on, guess what? Prince has more talent than you, more money than you and a LOT more women than you. Watch you don't bang your head on the top of the door frame on the way out.

Faethor said on 28/Sep/11
I don't care how tall he is. Its all about whats inside, and this guy is TALENTED

? said on 21/Sep/11
Really? NO, I am 5 foot on the dot and I am a female, I know guys who are as short as me and no we are not sick! STUPID PEOPLE NOWADAYS.. and for the guy before me I used to get teased too it sucks but just wait you're almost done with school and there still will be unsecure people that have flaws them selves but since we can't see them they try to point us out. Just don't let it get to you. Believe me I used to hate being short but then I realized guys loved it lol. Better than being a giant.((:

Phil said on 19/Sep/11
The dude is very short 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 3 and he wears high heels, but he is a living legend.
He can actually sing.

Parker said on 6/Sep/11
leonari says on 5/Sep/11
MichaelB: Take your discriminatory comments and shove them up your a..You prick.
Leonari........I love it! (and couldn't agree more)

leonari said on 5/Sep/11
MichaelB: Take your discriminatory comments and shove them up your a..You prick.

MichaelB said on 4/Sep/11
@Kelvin, "kelvin says on 26/Aug/11
being tall in life doesn't matter because there are benefits when your a short person" Really? Like what, always being able to find shoes at babies R us or smelling farts before anyone else?

kelvin said on 26/Aug/11
being tall in life doesn't matter because there are benefits when your a short person the thing is when i was younger i was teased sometimes 4 bein short nd i didnt do the best in school either nd some ppl told me i was stupid but im in high school still short nd on my way 2 provn them wrng nd prince inspires me hes short to nd hes cool nd intelligent.

guyfrommars said on 15/Aug/11
Looked tiny next to 5'6" Beyonce when they performed Purple Rain together. Both of them were wearing heels. He's 5'2" on the spot.

Scott said on 15/Jul/11
Of course he doesn't have a disease....but if he is in fact anywhere from 4'10-5'2 like everybody is claiming....that is a foot or more shorter than me. If he wasn't a music star, he would have issues with his short stature such as 65 percent of women being taller than him

leonari said on 6/Jul/11
I agree with JJ. This poster called "today" must be retarded. Being really short like Prince is no disease!! It's just a trait.

JJ said on 4/Jul/11
I am absolutely aghast at a poster called 'today' asking if Prince has some kind of medical diagnosis for being 5' 2' what???!!! are you in need of a brain stem! It may not be common for a MALE to be under 5' 6'' but for goodness sake, it is quite NORMAL for crying out loud. Ever looked at the height of the late, great, Dudley Moore! Words fail me!

Scott said on 20/Jun/11
I have a friend who is 4'11 and didn't have heals on when Prince walked past her and she claimed to be taller than him

solly d said on 13/Jun/11
Guess what. At Princes first Nyc concert
At the Ritz
He walked past me at the Ticket counter im 5'2 he was a few inches shorte

solly d said on 13/Jun/11
Guess what. At Princes first Nyc concert
At the Ritz
He walked past me at the Ticket counter im 5'2 he was a few inches shorte

runt said on 29/May/11
c'mon he doesn't look under 5' in that pic with Mariah. In fact, if he would straighten up he might be only 3 to 4" shorter than her in perhaps equal heels.

jtm said on 29/Apr/11
there is no way he is only 4'10.

Tracey Easter said on 31/Mar/11
My uncle who has photographed him told me that Prince was 4'9". He wears boots w/ heels to... { you finish it} I love prince!

today said on 8/Mar/11
I was crazy about Prince when i was a teen. I've always heard 5'2. What I'm wondering is if he has any medical diagnosis causing the shortness...I know he had a child that died of a rare skeletal disorder. Sometimes these things run in families. I'm not asking to be mean; I'm actually interested because there is a child with possible dwarfism in my family and now everybody is thinking back to why the child's mom was always so small, just 4'11, but no one considered it might be a genetic issue.

anita said on 26/Feb/11
wow he is so tinnii!!! but he is so sexy

Leslie said on 28/Jan/11
I'd just call him petite, but he is or was hot, must be getting kind of old now.

guyfrommars said on 19/Jan/11
Is it just me or those high heeled ladies' shoes really make him look gay? Dunno why he doesn't wear elevator shoes like Bono or decent platforms like Dio did. But it doesn't matter.
Anyways, here's Prince in his usual big heels towered over by 5'7" Mariah Carey (probably also in heels):
Click Here
Barefoot he's not taller than 5'2".

Dmitriy said on 25/Dec/10
The height of a person doesn't matter, only their talent! Kids these days have to eat right and take the proper vitamins to become tall later in life. This is why fighting malnutrition in third world countries is so important.

Ella said on 28/Oct/10
He is short, you can see it in his videos especially in The most beautiful girl in the world. But I don't care, I think he is one of the best composers in the world.

BrokenGlass said on 28/Oct/10
I would have loved to seen a picture of Prince next to Peter Steele. Maybe one exists somewhere?

Marianne Hylton said on 20/Sep/07
I couldn't believe how insanely small this guy was when I saw him recently at the O2 arena during his Earth Tour. You have to see him up close to realise just how tiny he is!

Q Ahmed said on 4/Aug/07
i met Prince in London. He is about 4"11..... but as they say... his presence is larger than life!

Pete said on 3/Aug/07
leung, prince has a few custom made but also a horner original since the early years which is normal size. kids play with regular guitars.

Leung said on 3/Aug/07
Here's an interest tidbit: Prince gets custom-made guitars which are a lot smaller because standard size guitar is too big for him and makes him look like a midget.

Turner J. said on 2/Aug/07
My mother met the artist backstage at a festival in the late 70s, they spent about 15 minutes talking whilst she prepared the costumes for the next performance. He's really nice and soft spoken, and not haughty in the least, but this crap about 5'2" is just that - crap. He took off his shoes about a metre away from my mother, and she says he went from her height (5'3.5") to no more than 4'11" - for sure. Her sister (my aunt) is 4'11" so my mother knows what someone that size looks like by heart - they were the exact same height.

redrum said on 7/Jun/07
Eddie Murphy once commented that Prince is 5-7 in his highest heels. Must be 6" pumps?

Owen said on 7/Jun/07
In 1999, Prince, his bodyguards, and two amazing hotties ran into us in a club in Paris. Packed dance floor, and they parted us like the Dead Sea. My friend, who is 5' 3" (160 cm) was with me, and she was taller than Prince. I couldn't see if was wearing platforms, but there's no way he's taller than five feet (152.4 cm).

D. Ray Morton said on 22/May/07
He won't pose with you, but he'll come knocking at your front door.

Anthony said on 22/May/07
This man seriously can't pose because of his religion? Than he shouldn't have become a musician in the first place. He should'e known what he would be subjected to. Jehova's Witnesses are generally pretty weird anyway, not to offend.
5'2 looks right for his height?

D. Ray Morton said on 22/May/07
Oh yeah, that's right. Rainbow Children. How could I forget?

glenn said on 22/May/07
jehovas witness.

D. Ray Morton said on 22/May/07
I thought his religion was funk.

glenn said on 21/May/07
i saw prince last week.posing for photos with fans is against his religion.no idol worship.im serious.

Pete said on 21/May/07
no pics of prince with glenn? id be shocked if prince accedes to. i mean hed think "why the hell this guy wanna take a pic with me?" absurd.

Nicky said on 8/Mar/07
He is 1,56cm dont know exactly in ft.Iam a devoted fan,he is a tiny person with a talent of the empire state size.so WGAF

THE Henry Experience said on 25/Feb/07
I met Prince at a Rockchester NY show, he was about 5' even. He also said laughing that he was an "anal baby...". What does that mean please?

THE Henry Experience said on 25/Feb/07
I met Prince at a Rockchester NY show, he was about 5' even. He also said laughing that he was an "anal baby...". What does that mean please?

Adrienne said on 16/Nov/06
In the video, "U Got The Look" he looked like he was about 3 or 4 inches taller than Sheena Easton who's supposedly 5' even. (They both looked like they were wearing high heeled boots in the video).

Brad said on 4/Nov/06
Impossible to really tell...he wears 70's shoes with a lift in them.

Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
Ive spoken 2 Prince's ex-girlfriend(no lie)Robin Powerand she says he is 5'3...dont believe me...who cares,I mean its just an inch away from the height they r giving...

Brad said on 10/Sep/06
He does wear funky footwear with heels.

Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
What Morgan says is a slight possibility.I believe 5-2 more,but those platforms throw you off.

Brad said on 3/Sep/06
5' 2" is about right. 4' 11" is Brenda Lee stuff, that's tiny.

Morgan said on 1/Sep/06
Prince Rodgers Nelson is 5'2" according to his bio page. However, I photographed Prince by in the 80's. When I met him backstage he came to my shoulder right a little higher than where my mother comes to and she's only 4'11". He is a very short man. He had on 6" heels then. I believe he is really about 4'11".

Brad said on 14/Aug/06
He wasn't like at his regular show, he was talking to the crowd and like it was his house. Club called The Church.

raj said on 14/Aug/06
brad, what u mean by that?

Brad said on 14/Aug/06
I saw him at a club jam the night away with Chaka Khan in Denver in the early morning hours after his own show once. He sure wasn't shy.

Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Call me Paddy.917-449-7125.its easier for ne that way.thanks.

Paddy said on 26/Jul/06
Glen, I work for Click Here as their gallery moderator - we have the largest gallery of its kind online, and I'd really love to hear from you regarding the photos you mention below. Please e-mail me so we may talk:

Glenn said on 21/Apr/06
Raj-if I find the one I took,I will.

raj said on 21/Apr/06
glenn, would u post a link of any of those pics?
J., prince is just prince and I wish if u post some specific stories about prince.

Glenn said on 21/Apr/06
Actually,now that I recall,my friend has a photo of Prince signing for him.they arnt posing,but both are in the picture and it was at his height(pun?) during the PURPLE RAIN period.thats the only photo I saw or heard of.I climbed on top of a huge truck once in 1991,cause I was threatened, and snapped him coming out of concert NPG period,at a club.the picture made the papers and tabloids.a small handful of my photos did.

J. said on 20/Apr/06
No, that's not bullshit. I found that out straight from a one-tme Paisley Park employee not an internet source. I can even give you specific stories on Prince if you want to dare challenge my credibility. :-)

raj said on 20/Apr/06
J., thats a lot of bullshit. "the kid" was his name in purple rain, thats it. people around him call him "the boss" or just "prince". hes a very shy person and i knew if glenn had a pic with him itd be fake 100%. good man glenn, now i can trust you.

J. said on 19/Apr/06
Why shouldn't they, Frank2? Prince actually has one of the most loyal fanbases that an artist of his stature (no pun attended) can have.

Frank2 said on 19/Apr/06
Why would anyone want to have a picture taken with him?

J. said on 19/Apr/06
That's no surprise, Glenn. It's common knowledge among his fans and the media, that he doesn't like interacting or being in public. He also, appearantly, only answers by the name 'The Kid'...strange...

J. said on 19/Apr/06
That's no surprise, Glenn. It's common knowledge among his fans and the media, that he doesn't like interacting or being in public. He also, appearantly, only answers by the name 'The Kid'...strange...

Glenn said on 18/Apr/06
He has never,ever posed for fans or signed in possibly his whole career.saw him last summer and his bodyguards swung there jackets at us to foil any photo taking.bizzare,but true.a true piece of garbage.

Frank2 said on 18/Apr/06
Is he that tall?

raj said on 18/Apr/06
GLEN, have u met him? any pics?

Glenn said on 17/Apr/06
He can look as BIG as 5-3.

Parker said on 15/Apr/06
Carmen Electra was on Jonathan wears Ross last night in the UK, and confirmed her height at 5'2 1/2, but stated Prince 'was a bit taller'

hek said on 1/Apr/06
he made me some pancakes after a bball game and i would say he was about 5 feeet

MS.AROD3 said on 26/Dec/05
I ran into prince at a hole in the wall restaurant in hollywood "Floriditas",and I must say he is super tiny and has the most beautiful flawless skin I have ever seen in a man!!

Ellectrika said on 23/Sep/05
I've met Prince on 2 occassions and he is incredibly tiny and petite. Like a frail child.
He wears 5" high heels too and has tiny.
Very small but musically gifted man!!
Elle x

Nick said on 23/Jun/05
He wears 3 inch heels so it's hard to tell. Seems anywhere between 5ft and 5ft 3 have been suggested.

Источник: http://www.celebheights.com/s/-Prince-1332.html

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