Stretching between hair color touch up

It was one touch that brought the walls crashing down; one touch that changed my life. It was one touch that altered our orbiting paths; one touch that opened the door.

It was just one touch, one accidental touch that brought her so close.

It was one touch that brought Nikki into my arms; just one touch that changed everything. It was a magnificent change, trust me. Here's what happened...

It had been a game, that's how it started. Nikki at nine was bright and funny. I'd started joking and teasing, that's all; a rib, a play on words, or a pun that evolved over time. As Nikki grew, the game subtly changed shape with no ulterior motive, no conscious thought.

Nikki and I had a comfortable relationship. We'd chat together, argue and, occasionally I'd lay down a very unpopular rule that would earn me several days of cold shoulder. But, inevitably, the relationship would recover and we'd be back to teasing each other.

When at ten Nikki advised me rather proudly she was growing boobs, I kidded her about pimples not counting as boobs. It earned me a punch in the arm and a grin. When she tried to explain why accidentally bumping into her hurt her boobs, I calmly suggested the pimples always hurt, try bursting them to relieve the pressure. I earned an elbow.

When at ten-and-a-half Nikki's boobs actually broke the plane of her shirt, I remarked how nice her headlights were and did they help in the dark? She touch grinned and asked if my torch did. When I asked her to stop leaning forward, that I understood the weight of her boobs was a burden but she shouldn't hunch over, she kicked me in the shin. Nice of her.

When Nikki was eleven, I suggested a training bra might be in order as she'd soon have real boobs, not those walnuts which, even when thrusting out from her chest, only qualified as measles in odd places, she grinned and suggested since my boobs were bigger than hers a bra might be in order, too. Shopping for a training bra embarrassed her greatly. She didn't appreciate her dad waving different bras around like a lasso at a rodeo yelling for her attention, nor my very loud comments on how inappropriate some of them were; "Too sexy," "Why would you need lace? Your boobs would show through! Who exactly are you going to show them to?" "Just who do you think you are young lady, red is not an appropriate color," "Look how nice this plain white one is, it will hide those pimples very nicely." She blushed rather angrily and stomped off, muttering something about me being an ignoramus or something to that effect. But I saw her grin.

At eleven-and-a-half Nikki's body started to change quite dramatically. Hormones were raging, as were the moods. But it didn't stop me suggesting her hips were going to be huge at the rate they were growing. Of course they weren't. They flared only slightly. She didn't appreciate my comment about her big bottom, either. When I asked her if that's where she stored all the energy for those long shopping safaris, she hit me and called me a goof. She also grinned. She had a very petite bottom.

I tried to explain that wearing such tight jeans would render her impotent and that perhaps something very loose would be more appropriate. She grinned, "Impotent? You're nuts, Dad." But they were far too tight in the crotch I reasoned. She simply shook her pretty chestnut hair and laughed when I tried to explain that they MUST hurt shoved between her, ahem, nodding at her crotch. I mean it must, wouldn't it? Having denim pushed into her cleft like that?

But at twelve she blossomed quite spectacularly. She developed into a fine young filly; acne finally fled, her face gained a sculpted beauty, she no longer had to thrust out her chest to look like she had boobs, and her waist slimmed down accentuating the gentle flare of her narrow hips, the swell of her bottom, and her shapely thighs. I tried to explain the need for a chador or niqab, suggesting Islam might be an appropriate religion for her, for surely she didn't want people to see her unfortunate shape. "Dream on, Dad," was her sage advice as she swung those slender hips and petite bottom at me heading out the door.

When she announced with great pride she finally got her first period, I grinned cheekily and suggested, "So that's why you look so bloated."

I got a "Dad!" and a very solid thump that stung quite a lot. But she grinned, too. Suggesting she should try buying slimmer feminine hygiene pads so she wouldn't have to walk like a duck brought on a furious blush and another two days of frigid purgatory. I was forced to apologize for that one.

When she went on her first date, supervised by me I might add - the sleazy rat was fourteen after all - she decided she'd no longer date until I was run over by a car and laid up, "Hopefully soon, Dad."

Despite her little tantrums at some of my constructive suggestions, we really did get along well. We had some rough spots, mostly my fault, but always ended up laughing.

I loved my daughter to excess perhaps. But she was my only child and she was a joy. We were unusually comfortable with each other, probably because I was both mother and father to her. I truly liked her as a young lady.

I think we grew closer than most from shared interests, mostly my interest in hers, but she took to cooking with me and watching Formula One, accepting my constant commentary about how any fool could drive those cars. But, when she turned twelve-and-a-half, our relationship altered without either of us recognizing it. She became more touchy feely, hugging me more often. I reciprocated of course. What better feeling can there be than hugging your daughter, smelling the crown of her head, the fresh scent of shampoo and young girl?

It was little things though. We'd sit side by side on the couch watching TV cuddled a little closer to each other. Nikki's eyes would glisten charmingly as she kissed me on the cheek, "Night Dad," or, "Morning Dad." For some reason I liked the closeness; she was warm and petite in my arms when I'd hug her on a sudden impulse.

Other little things happened as well. We started walking into each other's bedroom without knocking. Seeing each other dressing, although never naked, became quite normal. The first time I saw Nikki in her underclothes was quite a shock. They seemed to accentuate her developing curves rather dramatically. I commented on that too. "Nikki, I've been considering boarding school. What are your thoughts? All girls I think." She'd grinned and thanked me for some reason.

But it was one touch, just one touch that changed everything.

We had been watching Inception in the den, Nikki next to me on the couch. At some point Nikki pulled my arm around her, under her armpit and across her stomach, her head against my chest. It was something in the movie perhaps, or something else - we never figured it out - but suddenly I was cupping an unfettered, petite breast. For me, everything froze, time seemed to stand still.

I felt my daughter's nipple harden and rise. For some strange reason I reacted quite inappropriately by brushing said offending protrusion with my thumb before looking down. Nikki turned her face up to me with her warm soft hazel eyes looking at me intently, studying me.

Unaccountably I bent and kissed her gently, right on her lips! What the hell got into me? I inappropriately kissed my daughter and she seemed not to mind! Admittedly it was a chaste kiss, but trust me, even with lips closed there was nothing asexual about it.

Nikki broke the kiss, thank goodness, as my lips had decided they'd found a new home. She smiled gently as she slipped from my arm. "Night, Dad," she said softly before heading out of the den, a hint of color on her cheeks.

I sat in a trance, not conscious of the movie or of Nikki pausing at the door to study me before leaving.

What had just happened? What the hell had possessed me? I'd never had an inappropriate thought about Nikki. I know what you're thinking, all the joking and teasing. But honestly, it was all innocent ribbing. I like kidding her and getting her dander up. I liked seeing her grin. I loved it.

But how had I ended up with her breast in my hand? Why in the name of God did I kiss her like that? I'd never kissed Nikki on the lips.

I sat lost in thought for over an hour, not noticing the movie had finished, before slowly retiring to bed, confused.

Morning wasn't much better. I hid in my room. Honest. I hid, afraid to face Nikki. What must she think? Somehow I was scared. "I'm off, Dad, see you tonight," she yelled; the sign I could safely emerge. I did. I was useless at work. I was late getting home; got lost by mistake!

When I entered, I was actually sweating! The smell of dinner led me very reluctantly by the nose to the kitchen. Nikki smiled so brightly.

"Hey, Dad. You're late. Was it busy at work?"

"Um, no." Where was my repartee, my wit? Christ, I sounded like a tongue tied idiot. I tried again. "Um..." Bloody hell!

"Go change. Dinner in ten minutes."

Her encouraging smile sent me away. And through dinner I couldn't find any charm or wit. I couldn't find my daughter, either. I ate dinner with someone else, a little lady in the first blush of womanhood. This creature was so new to me; Nikki was not my little girl anymore but a young lady. The awkwardness of her body had changed; she moved with grace now. Since when? She didn't grin, she smiled. Her sparkling eyes weren't simply cute, her hands no longer childish but dainty. I'd lost my little girl!

But I had gained, too. A delightful young lass chatted with me, unaware of my inner turmoil. The lady that ate at the table blessed me with her attention, warmed me with her eyes, and subtly told me, "I've grown, Dad." Yes she had.

Now, if you've been paying attention so far, it should be obvious I'd suffered a stroke, yes? Most certainly, with one touch and one kiss, everything had changed for me. And to be honest, I was sort of lost. Just how was I supposed to treat Nikki now? I was fairly sure I couldn't dial things back, take the touch back, or even the kiss; no I couldn't do that. But I felt confused, I really did.

It should come as no surprise that Nikki, the abnormally mature lady that she now was, took the initiative, smiling as she handed me a cognac and leading me like a little lamb into the den. She gave me a subtle hint to sit by shoving me on the chest before settling next to me and returning to the dangerous position she'd been in last night, cuddled to my side.

We did watch TV. At least I think we did. No, I'm pretty sure we did because I managed to come out of my coma and sip cognac, although my tongue was still asleep. Eventually I managed speech, too.

"So, how was school today?" See? Speech. I didn't say I'd managed articulate speech.

"It was okay, Dad. Do you mind if I spend tomorrow with Katherine and Julie? Katherine's mom is going to take us shopping for the day."

"Sure. Need any money?" So, what more proof do you need that I was a damaged man? Me? Offer her money?

"No thanks."

We sat in companionable silence until she got up, leaned over and kissed me softly on my lips. "Night, Dad."

"Night, Nikki. I love you."

Sweet huh? Can't you just picture it? Me being so restrained, a perfect father despite my confused state? Well there was nothing sweet about it! I didn't mean I love you in that way at all. Nope. Nuh-uh.

Let me explain a couple of things to you. First, when she kissed me so softly, a certain part of my anatomy felt it. Secondly, when Nikki walked out of the den, her bottom, well her bottom had a long chat with that part of my anatomy, in sign language, too. So you see?

By the time I'd had a stern chat in the shower with said offending body part - we actually became quite friendly as a matter of fact - and crawled into bed, I was no longer the same man that woke up so innocently two days ago.

I'm sure your imagination is running rampant by now. It is, isn't it? You have the wrong impression of me my friend. I'm disappointed in you.

I actually made it out of hiding on Saturday morning and had breakfast ready. With admirable restraint I survived a bright smile and two petite boobs hugging me. I even found my voice again. Sleep can be so healing; so can being honest with oneself.

"Where're you going today?" I inquired.

"Rodeo Drive."


"Uh-huh. That's why I don't need any money."

While I admired Nikki's budget consciousness, we had plenty of money. I wanted her to have fun. Oh, alright, I felt guilty. So sue me!

"Nikki honey, take my credit card and buy yourself something."

"That's okay, Dad. I don't need to."

"Honey, if you don't buy yourself something, I'll... spank you! Well maybe not, but I'll punish you by making you do the laundry for the next two months!"

She laughed. "Dad, I always do the laundry!"

Too true. Hmm. How does one threaten a twelve-year-old to spend money? Nope, I had no idea. Any suggestions? Yeah, you, the reader. Any suggestions? Thought not. You're no help, you know.

"Nikki, honey, darling, sweetheart, please? For me sugar buns, sweetums, pookie..."

She laughed.

She bought.

A T-shirt! 9.50 for a bloody T-shirt! Now, while it wasn't quite what I had in mind, I was to discover it was remarkably, remarkably soft. How you ask? Well, sitting on my newly favorite couch in my newly favorite room of the house, watching my newly favorite TV with my newly favorite daughter cuddled to my side, I got to feel it.

Yup. I did. I felt it under my thumb which happened to be resting on a small jean-clad hip. Oh, you're disappointed? So was I, but not for long. In a very gentle move Nikki took my hand and slipped it around her and, you guessed it, I suddenly felt an amazingly soft T-shirt, the type of soft that only comes from years of washing and... Oh, that's not what you wanted to know?

Well, for the second time I was the luckiest father in the world. I cupped a petite unfettered breast again; I felt the incredibly sexy feel of a nipple rise and poke in arousal. This time there was no mistaking the situation. It was no accident and it wasn't one sided, me taking advantage of her. No. Nikki's hand stayed over mine and she used her hand to guide me, showing me what she wanted.

She guided my thumb to gently brush her firm nipple until she pushed my hand against her and before you could say Jabberwocky I was caressing my daughter's remarkably firm breast. Did you know breasts can talk? They do, you know. It's a strange language that only one part of your anatomy can interpret. I'm proud to say my part was unusually linguistically talented.

While I had a strong urge to do some un-fatherly things, and let me assure you I was blessed with a remarkable imagination, I did nothing, quite happy to not understand what was on TV, and quite happy to caress a youthfully petite boob. But, as with all good things, it came to an end.

I hear your groan my friend. But fear not. I only lost contact with my new favorite toy. Nikki turned towards me, her pretty face turning up and she blessed me with the sweetest little smile. As an aside, her lips also talked that secret language. I kissed her, another gentle kiss but longer, as long as she could hold her breath, bringing a smile to my lips. Have you ever noticed how innocence and inexperience are so alluring; so sexy?

"Dad," she said in almost a whisper and kissed me again, harder, almost bruising my lips. Your imagination is getting ahead of my story! I know what you're thinking, tongues thrusting in an explosion of passion, right? Wrong! Nikki's lips remained closed. But it was one of the sexiest kisses I'd ever had. My daughter was kissing me! I was reasonably sure she wasn't kissing me as her father when she murmured. I did too.

We cuddled again after the kiss, which in some ways was rather fortunate. I'd become somewhat excited; it had been a couple of decades since a kiss had brought me so close, so-to-speak.

It was a companionable cuddle, warm but full of promise; exciting.



"Is it time for bed?"

Yes! Praise the Lord, yes! But did Nikki mean together? Have you ever been in that situation? It's a conundrum, isn't it? Do you assume she wants to go to bed with you? I wasn't sure and I didn't want to make a faux pas and ruin things by saying YES DEAR LORD YES! But, fortunately my remarkable reasoning ability came to the fore.

"Why don't you get ready while I clean up?" I suggested.

"Okay." Her smile was so, so sweet.

As soon as Nikki left, I ignored all cleaning and hit my room, stripping and changing out of my damp underwear into a fresh pair before brushing my teeth. Fresh breath is important you know. Girls like that.

Now I need you to use a bit of your imagination here, okay? You need to imagine how I froze in the bathroom doorway at the sight of Nikki on my bed.

She was wearing a 9.50 T-shirt and lovely pastel pink panties I'd never seen before. It turns out she bought more than a T-shirt.

Her chestnut hair was spread like a halo on the pillow as she lay on her back, one knee bent slightly over her other leg. Her pretty face graced me with a shy smile and her warm brown eyes glistened.

With me so far?

My heart was beating at an accelerated pace as I stood, imitating a statue, completely distracted, my mind racing. Could it really be? Was I seriously thinking about making love with my beautiful twelve-year-old daughter? Did she even understand how illicit this was? Did I care?

For just a micro-second I did care. Hard to believe, huh? But I did. Fortunately for you, and for me in fact, Nikki held up her arms towards me.

"Come here, Dad."

I let my linguistically talented friend lead the way to my bed. He seemed determined to break out of my boxers. I thought I saw a grin flit across Nikki's face when her eyes dropped briefly.

With my heart in my throat, I lay next to my daughter. Now I hate to do this to you, but this is the part where the standard disclaimer comes in.

"Nikki, honey..."

"Dad, I know." her hand stroked my cheek.

"Nikki honey..."

"Dad, I know. Really I do." She held my cheek.

"But, Nikki..."

"Shhh." Her arms slipped around my neck and tugged gently.

I had no strength. I couldn't resist. I couldn't, just couldn't. To be honest, I didn't want to. I watched my daughter's eyes close as our lips touched. I heard her sigh. I kissed her sweet lips leaning over her.

"Breath through your nose, Honey," I advised sagely, mostly for my own self interest.

We kissed again. I nibbled her lower lip, her soft, warm and sexy lower lip.

Nikki's hands grabbed fistfuls of hair, unfortunately it was my hair. She pulled me away from her face, interrupting my devoted attentions to a swollen lip. She looked, well more like stared into my eyes intently. I wondered what she was thinking and debated asking. But before I could, she tugged my hair hard, kissing me hard.

I felt her small tongue touch my lips as she moaned and tore my hair out; well, not really, but boy was her passion painful. For the next few minutes we explored this new sensation, tongues touching and teasing. Hers was remarkably agile, soft and warm. Did I mention soft? And agile, did I mention that?

Nikki's moist mouth tasted like nectar, and gently sucking on her small tongue was perhaps the most erotic experience I'd had in my life.

While we kissed so passionately our hands were not inactive. They were quite busy in fact. Nikki's were caressing my back, for which my hair was thankful. But my hand was far braver; I explored a pubescent breast over soft expensive cotton, my daughter's pubescent breast. It was a marvel of nature, you know? Only youth can have petite breasts that stand so proud. Only youth can have the resilience, that firmness that's somehow soft at the same time. Only youth can be so sexy and exciting to touch and caress. Have you ever experienced how illicitness magnifies sensual appeal? No? You should.

Poor Humphrey, my linguistically talented friend, was stressed by all this illicitness. He was suffering quite a lot, and I felt badly for him. But he'd have to wait. I had other priorities, first of which was helping my hand to glide up from Nikki's hip, under her expensive but soft 9.50 T-shirt and along her side. I thought I heard a murmur, but I definitely felt Nikki strain up to meet my hand. I heard my own moan as I touched her petite breast, skin against skin. It's much, much better that way, trust me.

Her nipple was rubbery hard, the dramatic slope of her breast was thrilling, but holding it, caressing it, and gently testing its resilience was incredible. I began to feel rather proud of my amorous skills when Nikki started squirming under my ministrations. Unfortunately, her squirming was nothing to do with my skill.

"Dad, wait."

Now as simple as that sounds, executing it was not. I wanted to hold on to that little boob, maybe suckle it a bit too. I definitely didn't want to let it go. But despite my groan and grasp, Nikki pushed me off. Both Humphrey and I were very appreciative of Nikki tossing an expensive T-shirt on the floor with no care to its value.

Yes, very, very appreciative. How does one describe perfection? How does one describe two perfect, perky breasts as petite as espresso cups with dark areolae and hard sexy nipples? How does one describe the perfect slope of pubescent breasts, upper and lower curves mirror images of each other? How does one describe how alluring dimpled areolae are? How does one describe how sexy they look, how desirable? How does one describe the strong, strong surge of passion the sight caused for both me and Humphrey? I have no idea so I'm not going to try. Tough!

In a blink of an eye Nikki and I were chest to petite boobs, kissing again as I paid compliments to her panty-clad bottom, to its soft curves, its sculpted perfection. I gently introduced myself to a pair of buttocks that would make a grown man weep, hello there, I'm Daddy. Nikki started an amazing sinuous body movement with little murmurs of appreciation as I traced a deep crevasse down, her leg rising to rest over my thigh.

She tore away from our kiss when I softly traced the delicate outline of her panty-clad cleft from behind. "Dad," she breathed with force. As I cupped Nikki's pubis, Humphrey complained, swelling and surging against being confined. And then a small hand tentatively touched him.

"Nikki," I gasped, "hold on."

I gasped again when she misunderstood and small fingers curled to gently hold me.

"No Honey, stop. Don't! Let Humphrey go." I was very concerned about a potential explosive embarrassment.

"You've got a name for it?" she asked with a big smile of amusement. Her giggle was not appreciated.

As she rolled away onto her back, giggling at me, I cut it short with a subtle gesture. I groped her pubis over her panties, cupping her sexy little pussy, caressing her. She stopped giggling rather suddenly, her eyes studying me intently. A small smile emerged as her hand pulled mine away, pulled it up to her warm tummy. The sexy Mona Lisa-like smile held as she pushed my hand down holding her stomach in, my fingers slipping under the elastic waist of my daughter's cotton panties. Nikki's stiff nipples and sexy little boobs almost distracted me.

I felt the silkiest bush. My daughter had pubic hair! And my, how thrilling that was. I kissed her passionately as I played with silk, kissed her more forcibly when I felt her cleft, and I explored her delicious mouth with my tongue as I traced her small cleft down, seeking and finding a hint of moisture. My little girl was aroused! So was I. So was Humphrey.

While Nikki writhed quite sinuously against me and I drowned in the sensation of caressing my twelve-year-old daughter's pubis, her hands were busy. They'd slipped down my back and were toying with the waist of my boxers. Her hands spoke that secret language too. Humphrey was positively drooling in excitement.

Eventually I could ignore him no longer. Rolling away from Nikki and breaking contact, I stood next to the bed. Nikki's eyes glistened as she lay like the most perfect angel, not covering herself, and with no trace of embarrassment. I shook with desire for her. Her attention was drawn to my boxers as they fell. She didn't gasp in amazement and admiration when Humphrey saluted. No. Her eyes widened slightly and she proceeded to perform a dance I hope one day you'll be fortunate enough to experience.

Somehow Nikki wiggled her hips in an incredibly erotic way. Her fingers slipping under the sides of her pastel pink panties and, with a seductive wiggle here and an arousing wiggle there, she showed me the sexiest pubis I'd ever seen when her panties slipped down coltish legs.

My preteen little girl had a lovely bush! She had lovely, sexy pubic hair; a thin light dusting of dark chestnut that covered her mons and disappeared between pubescent thighs. I'm quite sure I moaned my appreciation and Humphrey definitely nodded his. Nikki grinned as two gorgeous legs kicked pastel pink panties into the air.

I'd like to take a moment here, sorry, to try to explain my feelings. I was feeling rather heated at the sight of a pubescent goddess on my bed. I was feeling rather heated knowing it was my daughter; somehow it made the situation amazingly erotic. I was feeling intense pride of all things. I had made that goddess! Lordy, I had made her! But overwhelmingly I was feeling intense lust battling with intense love. Jesus I was excited.

"Dad," was all my love said as her arms reached out to me. I'm astute. I knew what she was offering; she was offering me her body, her innocence, her virginity. Me!

We kissed deeply facing each other, wrapped in each other's arms. Nikki's leg moved and her thigh started caressing mine, her foot slipping behind my leg and tugging me slightly. I trembled when Humphrey nestled against Nikki's mound and silky pubic hair tickled me. I was quite lost, gone, in another world, a world of forbidden sensuality.

Caressing Nikki's petite bottom, I held her tight and rolled onto my back, bringing her on top of me. Her legs fell to my sides as she rose up on her arms and stared down at me. Her petite boobs looked so alluring as they seductively curved out from her chest; gorgeous little mounds.

No words were spoken, surprisingly. Staring into each other's eyes and with my hands filled with soft, sexy little twelve-year-old buttocks, Nikki slowly moved her pelvis, side to side and up and down, exploring the sensation of my erection nestled against her. I felt her labia slicken, felt my erection sliding through her warm cleft. I watched a rosy bloom appear on her chest above her little boobs.

I watched my daughter moving on top of me in a slow sensuous dance, her heated eyes staring at me. I felt her bottom moving as I gently held two perfect buttocks. She inched forward and I felt her nestle the tip of my aching erection at a moist indent.

Nikki sighed and changed her motion, now moving her bottom in little circles, pushing back lightly, moving in circles. Slowly, exquisitely slowly, I felt her expand; an intense heat and moisture stretching down my crown. I watched tears gather in warm hazel eyes, a complete contrast to the smile on her lips. Her bottom moved slowly in circles, pushing lightly as tears gathered and spilled, smile fading. She sighed when a warm velvety softness snapped around me, lowering herself to my chest.

I held my daughter, hugged my little girl as we lay with the tip of my erection snugly held inside her, pure heaven. She'd just given me her most precious possession. I fought the urge to thrust, a primeval need. No. I held my daughter with one hand caressing her slim back and the other holding her sweet bottom. Nikki's damp cheek rested on my chest and I felt her breathing deeply. Lifting my head I kissed her hair.

I kid you not when I tell you we stayed like that for at least five minutes. It's true! It was also the most wonderful feeling in the world. I highly recommend it.

Eventually, with a deep sigh, Nikki raised her head, put her elbows on my chest and rested her face in her hands. This resulted in me slipping into her velvety grasp slightly. Her eyes were clear with no tears.

"It hurt, Dad," she said softly, then smiled beatifically. "Humphrey hurt." Her giggle squeezed me deliciously.

"Are you okay?" I asked equally softly, my erection gently pulsing in her tight grip.


"Honey, this feels amazing. Incredible. You feel amazing."

"It does, Dad, really good."

She smiled, a ray of brightness hitting me. She gently tensed her pussy testing how I felt inside her. It almost brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful. Satisfied, she lay back down on my chest and her wonderful bottom started moving again, small circles and humps, slowly working my erection into her. I was overcome as I felt my daughter's velvety walls part. I could feel every ridge inside as she slowly, slowly took me in to her tight embrace.

Nikki sighed when her pubic bone touched the base of my shaft. My little girl had taken me in completely as unbelievable as that might be, and I was in heaven. Our movements started slowly at first with a tentative withdrawal. It felt like she was applying suction to stop me leaving. We reversed, my erection pressing into her tight, moist clasp. Slowly our movements gained strength and our strokes gained length. Slowly lubrication spread. Slowly our breathing increased as we moved together.

Nikki's pelvis movements altered from straight up and down to a hunching movement, sliding backwards and forwards on me. Her little bottom became more insistent, slightly harder and jerkier as she rubbed her clitoris against me.

As sweat gathered between us I felt my climax stir, brought on by the sensuality of Nikki's caress and, honestly, by the fact that my twelve-year-old daughter was teaching me something about making love; how slow intercourse could be so, so exciting.

I held on for dear life, desperate to wait for Nikki. I desperately wanted her first time to be perfect.

It was. I heard her soft cry as she climaxed. I heard her cry out, "Dad," as she shoved herself down slightly harder. Pressure built in my groin and with a firm grip on her sweet undulating buttocks and an arm wrapped around her small body I came, semen burning up to pulse into my daughter. I pulled back and thrust pulsing again, hot semen bathing my erection as I groaned at the pleasure racking my body. Nikki and I came together undulating against each other as I fired pulse after glorious pulse of semen deep into my little girl. There was no frenzy, no thrashing, just sweet deep strokes as we came, my erection expanding and pulsing in the most exquisite orgasm I'd ever had, draining me; my daughter a perfect lover; my daughter no longer a virgin.

Sunday morning sunshine roused me from the most relaxing sleep I'd ever experienced. Of course having a naked twelve-year-old girl cuddled into me might have been part of the reason. But let me tell you, if you've never experienced waking with your naked daughter in your arms, you've missed one of the greatest pleasures on earth. It's another thing I highly recommend.

As consciousness stirred I smelled her scent first, an aroma of sleepy little girl that's so unique overlaid with the smell of sex. It was intoxicating. I felt her next. I was spooning a petite, warm and soft body. Her back felt good against my chest, her small bottom felt amazing against my groin, and my hand resting on her tummy feeling every quiet breath she took, brought on a flush of love.

I know you're imagining my growing excitement at this situation. You're thinking Humphrey's waking up, exploring the sexy crease of my daughter's thighs, aren't you? You're thinking of Humphrey insistently burrowing into her recently deflowered pussy and desperately seeking warmth and velvety comfort. Sorry to disappoint. I was not aroused. Humphrey remained asleep. This was pure love, nothing more. I enjoyed the simple pleasure of holding my naked daughter to me in bed. If she hadn't stirred, I'd probably still be there today!

She rolled over to face me. "Hi, Dad," she said smiling at me. God was I in trouble. I don't think I'd loved her mother that much. She took my breath away.

"Hi, Honey. How are you feeling?"

"I feel wonderful, Dad. It was amazing!"

"Are you sore?"

"Uh-huh. But Dad, we can do it again, can't we?" She really seemed to be asking me! How cute was that? How sexy was that! And of course I could never deny my daughter.

"When you're not sore, I'd like nothing better. How about a shower?"

Now don't misunderstand my motivation, please. While I'd happily dive right into Nikki again at the drop of a hat, I had a long term perspective in mind. The idea of sex with her again was very arousing, but I didn't want to hurt her. On the positive side, my altruism had a silver lining.

I was treated to a bright smile and a lovely pair of buttocks moving with seductive rhythmic cadence as she walked to my bathroom. I decided at that moment, a taste was in order, perhaps even a kiss.

We washed each other friskily, using soaping as a lubricant to explore intoxicating shapes and curves, in my instance of a pubescent darling, in hers of a mid-thirtyish man; tough luck for her.

But God Nikki was a sexy little kitten. The firm resilience and smoothness of young skin was very nice. As I caressed her with soapy hands I could not help a thought running over and over in my mind; you're feeling your naked twelve-year-old daughter. She had a beautiful coltish body. The hint of pubescence in her subtle curves was intensely attractive. When we rinsed I knelt in front of her as if in worship; well, in worship. Holding sexy hips I actually got to see her pubic mound clearly, up close and personal. Nikki's bush, even wet, was a thin covering that dusted her mound and her labia all the way between her legs. I'd always imagined pubescent pubic hair started on the mons only. But not Nikki. Even though it was thin, it covered her entire pudendum and I loved it.

Her cleft was surprisingly short, no more than a couple of inches or so long. Now, I have to be totally honest with you. While Humphrey had thickened somewhat through the shower, he rose to full magnificence at the sight of Nikki's clitoral hood nestled between her labia. It was long, almost half the length of her cleft with the tip held like a delicate pearl by plump lips.

I demonstrated remarkable restraint. I kissed her mons, turned her around to admire her bottom, kissed each delicious buttock and slapped her bottom lightly. That was fun too.

"Time to get out," I declared. It was. It was either get out or cum all over her.

Over breakfast Nikki and I started out a bit awkward with each other. Breakfast was a routine that had been father-daughter for so long I don't think we quite knew how to behave. It was different from being in the bedroom. I managed to break the ice so to speak.

"Now listen here," I said quite seriously, "if you intend to ravish me like last night, I'd appreciate some advanced notice, Sweetheart. Perhaps you could purr a bit when you're randy? Even looking at me like I'm Superman, or Zac Efron would work. You might compliment Humphrey too."

Nikki let out a peal of laughter, probably fuelled in part by relief. I didn't care. She stood and jumped into my lap and kissed me, deeply kissed me, tongue and all! I had no complaints; none. Although Humphrey complained at the restrictions it placed on him, being confined and all.

I expect you're wondering why we didn't spill into bed and mate like two bunnies. In hindsight, I sort of wonder too. But at the time, I think I was still wrestling with how to balance Nikki as a daughter and as a lover. I was a little hesitant if you can believe it. Yeah, sounds stupid, doesn't it?

That Sunday afternoon we had a long chat. Foremost on my mind was a niggling worry that I'd seduced my daughter and led her into an incestuous relationship against her will. Wouldn't that worry you? Cops? Jail? Bubba? Shower? Bending over?

If you're hoping to understand the mystical mind of a preteen, continuing reading will not help, trust me.

Nikki tried to explain. It had to do with me being her dad and how much she loved me. But apparently it also had to do with how much fun she had with me and something about my soft eyes. I tried to disagree as I know I have a flinty stare that I've used very effectively on young bucks that have tried to hunt on my turf, but she laughed and told me it was my threats to separate a cherished part of their anatomy that scared them, not my soft eyes.

It had to do with puberty apparently, something to do with sexy feelings. What was clear was that it was one touch and one kiss that changed her. She told me, somewhat abashed, how she had been shocked at how her body had reacted to my touch, how shocked she'd been at how quickly her nipples had reacted and how she had played with herself for the next two nights thinking of kissing me again.

Apparently I was a hunk. Huh.

It may surprise you to learn that Nikki was remarkably well informed about sex. While she may have had a rosy tinge to her cheeks, she talked about everything she wanted to try with me, all the experiences she'd imagined. Humphrey paid very, very close attention and in fact, stressed his agreement and willingness to participate. He was very insistent.

Thus, at four in the afternoon, I found myself in bed with a naked nymph. I'd apparently agreed to show her how much frisky fun one could have without penetration. Nikki seemed to take to this like an otter to water. She was completely uninhibited. I'd never been fortunate enough to be with a woman who was so uninhibited. I had really missed out, let me tell you.

Nikki and I wrestled, tickled and teased, laughing at a touch, or when I had her bent over my lap. "Not yet, Dad," she'd said as I caressed a succulent rump. Her wiggling and giggling had Humphrey just as excited, eagerly poking at her whenever possible.

As tickles turned to touches, and touches turned to caresses, Nikki and I settled down. Laughter faded and turned to murmurs when I kissed her flat tummy and her chin before kissing her amazing boobs. Murmurs turned to sighs when I sucked gently and brought my hands into play, caressing a boob and tweaking a turgid little nipple.

Nikki's hand gently encouraged me to migrate south, pressing my head and spreading her legs for me. I gazed on the magnificence of pubescence, how sexy and alluring it was, before leaning in and inhaling the sweet, lightly-musky, earthy scent of preteen arousal. I kissed her soft mons and let her silky young pubic hairs tickle me, appreciating how plump and delicious her labia looked. I touched her cleft and drew my fingertip down to her vagina, admiring the roundness and allure of her labia, how her cleft spread glistening inside with moisture.

Her lubrication was warm against my finger. I drew it up to touch her clitoral hood. I didn't tease. I applied pressure caressing her, thrilled at the hardening of her clit against the pad of my finger.

Lying between her slender thighs I slipped my arms under her legs and up to her chest. My lips kissed her pussy as my hands cupped petite firm breasts. Nikki tasted delicious, a mild version of her mother. Her labia were silky smooth inside and her clitoris a hard little nub. I sucked at it gently, trembling with pleasure. I believe Nikki approved. She moaned and pushed her pussy against my mouth. I sucked and licked; I moved down to probe her opening with my tongue, then down further to probe her tightly closed rear entrance. When I did, her pelvis surged up. She gasped, "Oh God."

I got down to business, concentrating on her clitoris and lightly pinching her nipples. Nikki rewarded my efforts. She cried out her climax, thrashing her body as moisture poured out. I watched her tummy muscles strain as her orgasm tore through her, caressing and licking her with gentleness as it peaked. When she collapsed with her chest heaving, I felt rather proud.

I held her trembling body next to my side, feeling like quite the expert I must say.


She'd calmed down.

"Do you think we could try anal sex?"

Anal sex? With my daughter? Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. Never! "Sure, Honey. I'd love to."

Humphrey agreed, too.


Damn it! Why hadn't I foreseen this? Why hadn't I bought lubricating liquid? Would virgin olive oil work? Butter? 10W30? I might have some in the garage.

"Tonight Nikki, okay? If you still want to try, we'll try tonight."

She smiled at me and looked down.

"Hello Humphrey," she whispered as she reached down and held my erection. My daughter proceeded to give me something I hadn't had in years; a hand job. With her cheek resting on the side of my chest, her soft hand caressed me, sliding gently and gripping occasionally. "It's so hard, Dad." Her thumb slid across the crown spreading precum.

With exquisite slowness, Nikki started stroking my erection. I strained up on her down stroke, inhaled on her upstroke. Holding my daughter's sweet little bum in my hand, I let her bring me to a climax. It was watching my daughter's hand that did it, knowing it was my little girl fondling me. I climaxed in wonderful release, semen spurting from me; warm and splattering on my stomach as I lurched and spurted over and over. It was very pleasant and satisfying.

"I wondered what it looked like. I felt it last night. It's whitish." Her fingertips swirled in warm semen that had pooled on me.

Nikki turned out to have a very playful side. Throughout the evening she'd find little ways to tease me, blending subtle hip bumps with a hand on my bum, "Nice butt, Dad." There was nothing bawdy about it, just playful. I decided to participate.

"Hey, Nikki! Cute tush." Her wiggle was very cute. Her laugh when Humphrey stirred was even better. We expended considerable energy that evening, me trying for a grab of her sweet bottom, her dancing away, "uh-uh, Dad, no touchee."

My pleading made no difference. "Just a touch? A quick grope? A little fondle? Please? I promise you'll feel nothing." Right, and if you believe that...

Here was the problem; you'll sympathize I'm sure. Every time she wiggled her tush, I kept thinking about her request, anal sex. Can you imagine? I mean look at that thing in tight jeans! Oh, you can imagine? So you see? It was a problem. Humphrey agreed strongly.

"Come on, eat faster. Why don't you try taking larger bites? You don't have to finish everything on your plate, you know!"

Her laughter suggested she didn't think I was serious; I was. Perhaps she was playing with me. What do you think? Yeah, she was playing with me.

"How about a movie tonight?" she suggested.

See that innocent expression? That's what I'm talking about.

"It's Sunday, Honey, school tomorrow. Don't you think you should go to bed early?" When I wiggled my eyebrows, I realized I'd made a mistake and over played my hand. Clearly she saw through me. It was the laugh and the swing to her slim hips and sexy bottom as she left the kitchen that told me.

So you'll have to wait, just like I did. If you find "Noises Off", you should play it for your daughter. It's a very funny film, but trust me, watching petite boobs jiggle and shake is a lot more fun. I had to settle for watching them when she brushed off my subtle advances, thwarting my attempt to hold one, protect it from all that movement. I didn't want it injured I explained. But Nikki just laughed at my solid reasoning.

Eventually the movie ended. While I was quite desperate to get to bed, I decided a little revenge for her refusal to let me grope was in order. I puttered around, straightening the den, cleaning the kitchen, read the newspaper, stuff like that.


"Be right there, Nikki." Right. I read some more. Let's see how she likes it.

"Dad? Where are you?"

"I'll be right there," I called out.

Quite spiteful of me, but she'd refused to let me protect her petite boob, and it could have been severely damaged from jiggling so much.

As in all things that involve female wiles, I shouldn't have expected to win. All it took was Nikki appearing at the kitchen door in a skimpy T-shirt and sexy panties, too tight by far, for my revolt to collapse. Like a puppy I happily panted and I followed her pretty undulating bottom into the bedroom.

"So, Dad. How do we do this?" she asked.

"Um... Well first I think I should... no you should..."

Nikki, standing at the side of the bed, pulled her T-shirt off, interrupting my explicit guidelines. She slipped her panties off and let them fall to the floor. My God she was beautiful. Standing like that I could actually see the gentle curve of her waist, right at the height of her navel. Her gentle curves below were breath-taking; her light pubic bush intoxicating. And have I told you about her boobs? Jesus.

In short order, without taking my eyes off Nikki, I stripped, even though I was barely through the bedroom door. Humphrey did me proud as I reached to hug Nikki, sliding across her tummy leaving a slippery trail. I hugged two boobs to me as Nikki rested her cheek against my chest.

"Are you really sure, Nikki?"


She confirmed it by leading me to my bed. In only moments we were kissing, legs intertwined and gyrating slowly against each other. I took the opportunity to reintroduce myself to two perfect buttocks, hi there, remember me? Nikki and I touched and caressed, a finger trailing here, a palm there. My passion built and surged when I realized yet again I had my daughter in my arms. I'd forget every so often, distracted by a firm nipple or sexy labia or a firm little bottom.

But eventually the time came and Humphrey was delighted. As I lay Nikki on her back with me on my knees between her legs I first rested her thighs over mine, watching how beautiful her cleft was as it flowered open. Lifting her legs with my arms, I bent her up, her bottom rising off the sheet, buttocks spreading. I applied lubrication to her rosebud nestled between her cheeks and to Humphrey, although he really didn't need any; he'd prepared well.

"You sure?" I asked again. Nikki nodded.

With bated breath, I brought my erection to touch her rosebud. She looked impossibly small to me, a tightly closed ring. My erection seemed massive, thick, far too big. I began to have second thoughts, to worry about hurting Nikki. I tried some pressure and, while it felt good, it only flattened my crown.

Backing off, I used a lubricated finger to probe her.

"Relax, Honey."

She groaned when my finger slipped into her rear. Her opening was a tight ring on my finger, warm and soft inside. I probed her to my second knuckle.

"Good," she whispered, clenching my finger.

Encouraged, I tried again, holding my shaft and pushing gently. At first nothing happened. I pushed a little harder. Nothing happened. Then Nikki pushed and suddenly I was inside my daughter's bottom.

"Oh God, Dad," she groaned. "It's so big."

"Are you okay?" I asked, given the sight of her small bottom being penetrated by my large erection looked painful to me.

"Yeah. It feels good in me."

Nikki was caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples as I pressed in, her eyes closed as if concentrating on the sensations bombarding her. Holding her slender hips firmly, in a slow smooth stroke, I penetrated her, her tight opening sliding down my shaft. It was incredible. The feeling of buttery warmth on my erection and the sight of it penetrating my little girl, her small buttocks spread wide, was incredible. Holding her hips we started moving, stroking in and out. This was radically different than vaginal intercourse. That ring was so tight sliding up and down it made her inside feel looser. Yet she was grasping my entire length in a hot sensual sheath.

My strokes lengthened and gained intensity as I realized I was taking my daughter's virginity again, my testicles slapping against the sweetest bottom in the world. I loved the arousing sight of my large erection penetrating her. Nikki started moving her bottom in an up and down motion that buried me completely into her bum with every thrust. I watched my erection sliding between young buttocks. I watched the glisten of arousal appear at her vagina, her labia flushing, her clitoris inflamed.

As we moved against each other faster and faster, fucking harder, I reached down and caressed her clitoris, tweaking and circling it. Nikki inhaled sharply. It was like a bomb exploding. She squeezed her breasts hard, cried out, arched up and slammed her bottom against me. That was all I could take.

Grasping her slim hips, I thrust into her rear wildly, my erection expanding painfully as the first surge of semen charged up. Pleasure erupted as cum jetted into her rectum. I pulled back and thrust, exploding again. My orgasm took control. I thrust and came time after time, desperately trying to get deeper, spurting hard and crying out my pleasure as I came deep in my little girl.

Far too soon though my climax passed and rational thought cleared my passion befuddled mind. As Nikki's legs went limp, her body twitching with the last of her orgasm, I lay on my little girl in post orgasmic bliss.

I have to tell you, Nikki surprised me. Over the next few months she was insatiably curious about sex. It was like she'd found a new hobby. I was the last person on earth to complain and Humphrey positively swelled with pride every time Nikki came within grabbing distance. While we had bouts of pure lovemaking - Nikki moved into my room - she exhibited a very playful side. She was completely uninhibited with me. Step out of the house though, and it was a completely different story. Father-daughter etiquette returned. For that I was very thankful.

Want some examples of her playful side? Yes? Okay.

There was the panties episode.

She'd finally agreed to buy some panties after I pleaded with her, explaining my love of ladies underthings.

"Nikki, please! I love panties. Let's go buy you some. The lingerie section is my absolute favorite department!" I assured her.

"And what do I get out of this, Dad?" she asked.

"Well, most certainly my amorous attention... and sexy panties!" I stated.

"But, Dad," she said with a grin, "I can get your attention anytime. I only have to smile at you."

"Not true, Nikki."

Then she smiled a sexy kittenish little smile and twiddled with the brass button holding her jeans closed. When I reached for her she giggled and danced out of reach. "See?"

"Okay. What will it take?" I had these incredibly clear visions of fondling my daughter in silk, nylon, oh, pantyhose, yes, stockings and a garter. Crotch-less! Just imagine! You are, aren't you? Me too.

"Fine. I'll play on one condition." Nikki had a sly look in her eyes that suggested I might not like whatever deal she'd strike.

"And that is?" I asked hesitantly.

"You have to wear panties too!"

That shocked me! Me in panties? However, Humphrey disagreed, showing a kinky side. Hmm.

Thus Nikki and I went shopping. It wasn't quite as much fun as I had envisioned. The sexy imp embarrassed me whenever she could. "Dad, look at these. Here, feel. I bet you'd like wearing them," and "Dad, have you ever worn pure silk? I bet it feels really sexy. Wanna try?"

Here was the problem. It embarrassed me no end, but I was horny, too. I'd never considered wearing ladies undies before, but the more I dwelled on it, the more interested I became.

Nikki and I finally reached an agreement. She'd stop embarrassing me. It was simple really, I threw a credit card at her, told her to buy, and went to hang out in the tool department where I mingled with real men. But Humphrey never let it slip my mind, 'panties, how exciting'.

Okay, I'll be honest. The first time I slipped silky panties up my legs, Humphrey and I both agreed it was incredibly sensual, surprising both of us. There was definitely something to the soft coolness of satin caressing me in unusual ways.

Our planned lingerie fashion show never got off the ground. Standing in the bedroom with Humphrey probing and pushing towards my hip, drooling at the feel of slippery satin, Nikki emerged from the bathroom wearing her first outfit. The show ended there.

Her white lace bra did nothing to hide two delectable petite boobs. If anything it accentuated their youthful appeal, especially as I could see dusky areolae and perky nipples so clearly. Her white satin bikini panties were worse; her pubic hair was a teasing shadow and they hugged her vulva outrageously. But the show stopper was the white garter and stockings. Now they stopped the show and almost stopped my heart.

Nikki grinned. "You're wet."

She was right. There was a definite damp spot in my satin panties. Humphrey was drooling like a rabid dog even though he couldn't see Nikki.

"Dad," she added, "so am I. Look!" Her grin grew wider. She turned and bent at the waist, her sexy, sexy panty-clad pudendum peeking out between slender thighs. Yes, there in the double-lined gusset she had a wet spot too.

Did I mention our fashion show never got off the ground? Well that was why. As an aside, have you ever noticed how garters accentuate the shape of a lovely bottom and the sexy curves of pubescent thighs? They seem to make curves sing to you, 'here I am, aren't I lovely, touch me, feel me, caress me'.

She laughed at my straining and pulsing erection, Humphrey crying out to be released from confinement. Then, with a hot look, still bent over, Nikki wiggled sensuously and dropped her panties before turning, running and jumping at me, legs and arms wrapping around me. Holding her sweet little bare bottom with one hand, I pushed my silk panties down hopping awkwardly to free my feet. She giggled. I took the opportunity to stop her giggles with a delicate touch here and there, mostly there where it was damp.

"Harder, Dad," Nikki panted.

I'd wasted no time. I was way, way too turned on. Still standing with Nikki wrapped around me I'd gently spread her buttocks, raised her bottom and lowered her, my stiff erection kissing her labia. With no hands needed I positioned myself, nestled the tip at her damp opening. We both gasped at the sudden penetration. Nikki had indeed been very, very turned on. She was slippery moist and slid down onto my erection in one move. Suddenly I was buried to the hilt in my daughter's snug velvet grip. We proceeded to have sex for the pure pleasure of it. While I held her sweet bottom, Nikki started rising and falling, silk stocking-clad legs pulling against me.

"Harder, Dad."

We were loud, not our moans, but the slap of our mating, her face nestled against my neck, her breath hot against me as we fucked.

"Harder, Dad," she gasped. "Almost there."

I was sweating as I added more vigor to my strokes, almost slamming into her. When I heard Nikki making oof, oof, oof sounds from each rather enthusiastic thrust, I sort of lost it. We were already very wet, but we added to it with our climaxes. I groaned as I swelled massively inside her tight pussy and the first large surge of cum jetted up into my twelve-year-old with a dizzying pulse of pleasure. Nikki announced her climax by shoving down at me hard. "Oh!" she cried out at each thrust, at each pulse of hot, thick semen. Our aggressiveness had my erection almost fully out of her before slamming back and exploding with ecstasy, cum jetting into her. We came hard, aggressively, pure sex.

When I collapsed back on the bed out of breath, her small body on top of me, Nikki's residual shudders and the irregular clamping of her now soaking vagina forced my fading erection out. Humphrey, tired and sated plopped out and I felt a warm gush of semen pour over me.

It turned out that wearing panties was very stimulating. And not just for me. Nikki told me how sexy she thought it was seeing me wearing satin, how she couldn't get it out of her mind as we ate at Valentino that night, and proved it to me by taking my hand and slipping it under her skirt when we were in the car, "See? Wet." Yes, I did.

Want to hear more?

Well there was the park episode. Park? I hear you ask. Yes, park. But, not what you're thinking.

We'd been strolling in Holmby Park, Nikki eating ice cream and me pleasantly daydreaming of her licking something other than an ice cream cone when she stopped suddenly.

"Dad, we have to try that!" she'd stated with excitement.

I had a vision of a young couple making out; the voyeuristic thrill had me looking everywhere. "What? Where?"

"There," she pointed.

To be fair, I should mention I'm most definitely not into bestiality. So when Nikki pointed to two dogs mating I was not impressed.

"Nikki!" I uttered with astonishment.

She looked at me and grinned. "Not that, Dad! The position!"

Well, as I imagined Nikki's small body on all fours under me, Humphrey threw in his vote. "Um. Okay, lets. Feel like heading home?"

"No, Dad. I mean outside. We've got to try that outside. Wouldn't it be fun?"

Until that point, Nikki and my relationship outside of the house had been contained, hidden from sight. After that suggestion, I thought we'd been way too conservative. However, I still valued my freedom and worried about Bubba, the shower and soap, so we drove for quite a while before finding a suitably secluded spot. It took so long that poor Humphrey had nodded off. But he woke fast enough when Nikki...

Did I mention the panty fashion show? How it had been interrupted by a rather urgent reaction to the first outfit? Well, surprise, surprise! Nikki had been naughty.

After spreading a blanket, we cuddled and necked. I kissed my little girl's neck and sucked an earlobe, loving how her little giggles faded to little murmurs. My hands thoroughly explored the soft cotton of a new bra. I appreciated its thinness and the delectable mounds contained within. There is something so, so erotic when you feel little nipples wake up. Rubbing my finger pad across the little protrusions not only stirs that wonderful feeling of arousal in me, but does so in Nikki. I can't explain how sexy it is to have your daughter take your hand and push it against her petite breast, wanting her father's touch, seeking stimulation as she slips her tongue into your mouth.

As our arousal intensified, we lay back, Nikki on her back, me on an elbow so I could gaze down at my beautiful little lover. God but she was sexy with heat in her eyes and small breasts moving sensuously with each deep breath. I nibbled at a plump lower lip and cupped a breast again, caressing her, caressing my daughter. I was very, very hard from tasting and touching. I just couldn't get it out of my mind that this was my twelve-year-old; that my daughter was the sexiest thing I'd ever experienced. When my exploring hand moved over her tummy, she grabbed it, stopping my progress towards her crotch.

"No, Dad."

I stopped, surprised.

She scrambled with sudden urgency out from under me and, with a small grin and a hot, hot look in her eyes, knelt, then bent forward onto all fours.

"Okay. Like this. Yes?"

There are all types of eroticism, the naked female form, lingerie carefully worn, a peek down a blouse, and many more. But a twelve-year-old daughter on her hands and knees, petite bottom moving slightly, hidden by a short skirt, the anticipation of raising the hem to expose her, to gaze at her small compact preteen rear in panties, and the anticipation of discovering what's underneath them with her invitation, is one of the most erotic feelings a father can have. If you can, I highly recommend you try. Trust me, you'll thank me for it.

With a painful erection, I rose to my knees and, holding my breath, lifted the hem. Air exploded out as I gazed upon Nikki's sweet bottom clad in sexy white satin and two plump labia framed by the edge of crotch-less panties. Her light dusting of pubic hair only accentuated the curve and plumpness of her labia and added contrast against the white of her panties. It looked like her vulva was bulging out between her thighs, her little cleft tightly closed. I could see a glisten of moisture at the indent to her vagina and a reddened clit peeking out between her lips below.

With her legs together it made her sex look richer and fuller, even younger. My hypnotic admiration was broken by a wiggle, oh God, a sexy wiggle.

"Like them?"

I gazed sharply and briefly at Nikki's face, that smile, her beauty, her position! "Beautiful, so sexy," I whispered in awe.

The gentle breeze on my dampened erection felt quite cool as I pushed my pants and underwear down. With a fixed gaze and Nikki's legs together I moved close, my erection looking large as it kissed her plump labia. I was so stiff I didn't even have to hold it in place as I held Nikki's waist and probed. I'd never actually studied my penis entering her, but this time I did! As the flared head pushed against her sexy cleft I watched her labia fold inwards and bulge out, her tiny opening slowly spreading over me. The combination of feeling her and watching myself penetrate my little girl was enough to make me pause. I had to. I had to tamp down on the excitement that was making my body tremble. Slowly I pushed, groaning as her warmth suddenly opened to welcome the crown of my penis. She was so damn tight.

Nikki's head fell and she pushed back, gasping as I sank into her incredible pussy in one smooth stroke. Her labia clung to my glistening shaft as I pulled out then sank back in as I buried myself again. Slowly, holding her small waist and staring at the outrageous sight of an adult penis penetrating my preteen's pussy, we started a rhythm of deeply penetrating thrusts and slow withdrawals, her vagina clinging to my shaft. Nikki became more aggressive shoving her bottom back as I thrust forward harder followed by a slow gentle, almost teasing withdrawal. I thrust hard and fast, withdrew slowly, thrust and withdrew slowly, her hot velvety sheath gliding wetly on my straining erection. We started to move faster, urgency emerging, the flared ridge of my erection appearing and disappearing into her gorgeous little pussy.

Suddenly all control was lost as we tumbled towards our climaxes. Grunting and gasping we slammed against each other, Nikki climaxing first with a painful clamp of her vagina, an arch of her back and a hard body shudder. I drew back and fucked my little darling deep, cum rocketing out in a gut-wrenching blast, hot, flooding her, pleasure crashing over me. We thrust and pounded at each other, cum spurting into her tight vagina, a white froth built up. I came and came in my daughter, following her down when she collapsed onto her front. I lay on her petite body thrusting and spurting desperately, chasing my climax, humping against her bottom, cumming, pulsing, spurting more semen into her sweet pussy than I ever had before, exquisite pleasure flooding me.

It took long minutes before awareness returned, let me tell you.

"Dad!!!" Nikki's voice echoed from the bedroom.

Oh. Sorry friend, I'll have to continue this story some other time. That's Nikki calling. She mentioned something about oral sex, seemed quite excited as a matter of fact; something about practicing with a cucumber and wanting to demonstrate on me. I hope you can understand why Humphrey and I have to go.


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